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What to do with all those stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dakolac, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. I've heard of making tea and putting them in your bath and all kinds of different things to do with weed stems and trimmings. Does anybody have any other cool ideas?:)

  2. Trimmings, I would roll fat J's with.

    Stems are more debated. Some people say that the THC content is nil. Some say it's considerable.

    What We always did is, light up a cigarette, then take a fat stem and press it up against the cherry. Then it'll burn off the frosty stuff and you won't be burning much of the stem.
  3. I was wondering the same thing today, I have a bunch of stems just chillin at the bottom of one of my main stash jars. I was thinking to just cut them up and add them to a bowl because they look at least a little frosty.
  4. If you have a vape, then vape them. I like to vape stems at about 420, and when I do it tastes very much like bud; it gets you high like bud.
  5. yeah i save the stems for last. or at least when i have a little bud left. if you chop them up fine with scissors its almost like having finely ground bud. although it tastes a tiny bit different it deffidentially gets you high. sprinkle a little bud with the stems and your nice and toasty in no time. id say it has 1/3 the THC of bud. maybe im wrong. i only smoke the small stems. i never get very big ones.

    personally if i had a shitload of stems id put some in some vodka or everclear or something high in alchohal. ever clear is like 90% so im sure it would be sweet. or butter. ive always wanted to make brownies.
  6. if you were lazy me, smoke em.

    but dont make tea. it wont work. trust

  7. :confused:
  8. This thread is making stems a little bit more valuable to me, I'm thinking I'll start throwing my stems in a little jar or something and grind em all up and roll me a j with a pinch of bud:smoke: see if that works...

    Thanks barnaby
  9. [ame=]YouTube - Save Your Stems[/ame]
  10. give them to a charity
  11. Green Dragon!
  12. Qwiso for sure. Take out any ones that don't look like they have something on them and rinse that shit.
  13. The buds i get are good enough where you could just crumble the stem up with the rest and load it.
  14. I just grind them up with my bud and smoke them. If there are any cannabinoids left, I get them; if there aren't, then it lowers the overall concentration of cannabinoids per gram of ground bud (as it is mixed in with the bud) so it makes it easier to gauge my consumption and makes my bud last a little bit longer.
  15. What is used in the video post?
  16. I was going to say tea, but after all this hash oil talk...Oh yea... :)
  17. you could peel off the bark if the stem is really thick.
    the wood does not contain much of THC.
    if the bark smells then it also contains THC.

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