What to do with a bagfull of seeds...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Nevada420, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Okay, here's the deal. I've got a ziplock baggie full of seeds (thousands of 'em!) from schwag I've smoked over the years. I don't ever plan on growing from them personally, however I thought it would be good not to just waste them.

    I was thinking about hiking around town and plant a few here and there, and am soliciting ideas on where to plant them.

    I'm going to make stops by the state capitol, governors mansion, our local city park, etc.

    Any other ideas?
  2. well what i like to do is, walk down the alley and throw them in peoples personal gardens
  3. mind giving some away for a few $ maybe?
  4. Dude! one seed sumtimes dont work right. Plant 50-100 seeds in one spot. those that grow can intertwine and replant themselves. If there are any freshwater lakes ponds or rivers plant them near those. They stay watered and will populate all around! Youl be pleasently pleased with y0our results. Have fun and smoke hard!
  5. youll be like a johnny apple seed for the 21st century

  6. put them in your local church garden
  7. wait a sec will Hydro seeds intertwine when they grow?
  8. I want them to. You see my dad OKed my growing so im free as a bird with this. Me and my little (little being 12-year-old) Bro are growing together and we want the most killer weed we can get out of our attempts. Yall keep in touch with any helpful hints

    PS my Hybrid will be ready for sampling in mid october. Email me for details on your free sample lol
  9. Now me and my lil bro had an idea about what to do with our seeds and what every MJ smoker could do aswell. Everyone saves thier seeds(when convient) and keep them in a cool and dry place. Then on 4/20 you grab your big bag of seeds and make a trip around your home town and plant them take a couple blunts with ya so you can have something to do and just have fun with your friends spreading "the love" now the reason I chose 4/20 is 1 its my fav holiday hehehe and second april is a good time to start you outdoor plants. If every pothead did this then eventually the cannabis plant would weave its way back into our ecosystem and become a stable resource once again. Well, its just an Idea.

  10. Im growing in my closet with a blacklight so its pretty sweet lookin by now....but what is on the leaves that makes little glowing spots? newayz yall email me if yall want the samples i keep talkin about if you live in Texas it's even easier to get 'em ;) peace
  11. hey tokin alco i would love a free sample some time lol free weed is good weed i to also have a plant its crypt and i am grownin it in my closte my moms oked my growing and now she checks up on the plant as much as i do well i will tell you my e-mail adress as soon as i get one

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