what to do with $700

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, May 16, 2006.

  1. I got $700 saved up and don't know what to do with it. I can get a ounce of dank for 350, but i dunno what I could get with 700. I have heard of ppl getting cheap QP for around 700, so i am wonderig if that stuff is any good or is it dirt.
  2. if you can get a QP of dro for $700 than that's a pretty fuckin good deal.
  3. Thats what I am thinking. But i dunno if it is dro or dirt. Hell if it is dro i would be there right now and high off my ass.
  4. i would get a killer bong(all out ashcatchers etc)

    and spend the rest on some dank nugs
  5. i would get a half ounce of coke and flip it, and then buy youre marijuana needs.
  6. I would do that, but i have no place to keep a nice bong :(. And if i did someone would prob break it and I would be sad. But i like that idea
  7. LMAO looks nice
  8. you don't have to lie to Rasta man, it won't hurt his feelings too bad. That picture is ugly has hell :laughing:
  9. why just a half ounce???

    but yes i agree with scoobs
  10. cuz if someone steals the half mouse then you still got some change left. but if you flip the half o then you got some more dough.
  11. Get yourself a sick piece of glass then spend the rest on dank chron. Or smoke out the blades on GC :hello:
  12. spend $300-$400 on supplies to start growing your own, and spend the rest on some bud to keep you busy until you can harvest your homegrown. :D
  13. I would buy an O of Dank, an O of shrooms, and some time alone lol. :smoking:
  14. My new idea

    spend 100 on transportation, come to kentucky. ill get u a qp for 200 of high mids, an ounce of booms for 120, and a half o of coke for 250 bucks. and 40 left over

    i think my math is right

    haa jk
  15. give 50 to charity spend some on dank spend some on some boomers and buy a nice glass piece if a bond is to big for you to stash and your worried about it getting borken get a nice thick glass spoon
  16. buy an eigth or quarter and then throw the rest in the bank for when i actually need it...i try not to spend money for the sake of spending money anymore (although if theres somethin i really want i go ahead a buy it)
  17. I agree, thats almost a G. Save most of it, weed doesn't make the world go round.
  18. ^^ but it does make the world go "damn im hungry"

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