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What to do with 5g of stems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JaysForDays, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. Title says all, I've heard tea doesn't work and I don't feel like wasting it, considering every edible I've ever tried didn't work.
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    If you're gonna use that 5g of stems, I would get more together before making anything. And it's all small stems right? The big ones don't do much when it comes to making hash/edibles.
  3. Save up until you have more then like 3 oz of shake,trim, or stems for hash oil. Im on my way :) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1380686916.170363.jpg
  4. I throw my stems away.. But if you don't wanna waste them I guess just save up and make firecrackers, or throw them in a bowl with some bud.  Sometimes I do this if I'm with friends and we want the bowl to be cherried.
  5. Make tons of kief !!!
    Alright heres what you do, im stoned so hope this makes sense.

    Save up some stems, put them in a medicine bottle that has a big indentation in the lid, not flat, this is very important.

    Put the bottle in the freezer with the lid on (not completely necessary, specially if you live with the rents, but you WILL yeild alot more kief due to making the THC crystals brittle)

    After like a good couple hrs-a day, take it out, insert a dime, nickel, quarter (actually currency, not weed) whichever fits best.

    Cut out like a 1x1 sq inch of your moms stocking (those tanish brown things that stretch alot) and pull it tight, as youre holding it tight, put over top of the bottle (with stems, shake, and your dime) and close the lid over top. The stocking should be tight over the hole with the lid closed.

    Shake that shit a ton, towards the end, shake it upside down and tap the side (like you would with a salt shaker)

    Take the lid off, and BOW, tons of kief.

    Howd i do?
  6. if u dont feel like wasting time on tea your next best option is to vaporize it until its brown to get whatever thc and cannibanoid are on it. if not grind it up fine and take a bong hoot. dont smoke it to ash tho youll get a headache
  7. You should make a thread covering how to do that with pictures if it hasn't been done already! 
  8. It has, haha this isn't an original idea.

    Its a dope idea tho, there's perfected guides out there, I just felt like teaching it rather than giving a link to another thread
  9. Grind that shit into a finer substance, put it in a tea bag and book! My favorite thing to do with my stems!
  10. get a 4 piece grinder and oyou will get a fuck load og kief I did it with 1g of stems and I got a fat bowls worth of kief. otherwise I'd save until i had atleast a half oz or throw it away  lol
  11. make tea, hot chocolate, hash
    i know people that just like to chew on them lol.
  12. Sad world we live in when people can't just throw away stems. Often times I eat the stem while I'm breaking bud up. I know that doesn't help...
  13. I store them in one of these containers and when I got enough I put a screen on top and close and shake and everything gets collected in the cap region it's perfect.
  14. Save them up for qwiso
  15. Just wanted to say i grinded up 1.3 g of stems, got a pretty fair amount of kief

    Id still recommend the method i mentioned before tho!
  16. Bho. Or butter.
  17. Drop in everclear shake daily for a month enjoy, with that small amount get a small bottle.

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