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What to do with 5 month old weed that was stored well?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by overheatedmud, Mar 23, 2012.

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    I know I've read some threads on this before but I couldn't find them again and in all of them it sounded like they were just stored in a bag. But I had about 2g in a tiny jar (see pic) that's airtight in a bag in the back of my closet and forgot about it. There's no mold on it and it smells fine. So should I smoke it or throw it away?

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  2. Theirs no pic and I vote to smoke it.
  3. Absolutely smoke it man!
  4. Make firecrackers out of it so you don't have to inhale super harsh smoke.

  5. Forgot to upload it at first, it's there now.
  6. smoke it. it should be fine, especially if it was stored appropriately. it might even be just as good as it was fresh.
  7. Definitely smoke it, I have weed from October thats been for the most part been in a non airtight container in a bag. It's moved to a jar now and its just as fresh as it was then.

    It was fine to begin with but I added in some orange peels to the jar for a day or so to just spruce it up with some moisture. It's still sticky and fresh as the day I got it so totally go for it. Don't you dare waste that bud!
  8. perfectly cured smoke that ish
  9. Toss in an orange peel and wait 30 mins. Come back and smoke the shit out of it.
  10. [Obligatory send it to me post.]
  11. Smoke it. I found a spliff in my glove box that was a month old and still got toasty as fuck off it
  12. give it to me.
  13. May I suggest a water pipe?
  14. u mean bong. No reason for that term outside a headshop :D
  15. why would you even consider throwing it away?
  16. He got dropped on his head as a baby and his mom smoked meth while pregnant?

    a shot in the dark
  17. I picked up 2 zips a couple months ago and I still smoke it. It's perfectly fine when stored properly.
  18. Remeber americN only used to expired dates cus all the chemicals put into our food drinks etc.. say its healthy for us no!.... As long as herb is keep basically curing its keep fine.. always store herb like a never ending cycle of curing

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