What to do with $20?

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  1. I only have $20 to use toward smoking stuff so what would be the best things to get? For instance, like a grinder, rolling papers, a bong, bubbler, pipe, ect. thanks!:D
  2. Get a cheap acrylic grinder (3-7$) and I recommend a good acrylic or plastic bong (cheap/durable/forgiving) for starters, or a little glass water pipe, make sure it filters through water though!! I have owned like every smoking piece, shit I've smoked nug off a rock, out of volcano's, and a good grinder and a water filtered piece is all you really need!!

    Good luck! :)
  3. put it away and wait until you have enough to get something decent.

    this thread screams underage btw.

  4. dont get a grinder, just use scissors, and dont bother getting an acrylic bong.

    just save it and put the $20 towards some bud, not really much you can do piece wise with $20 unfortunately. You could get a spoon ofcourse, but i'm not a fan of pipes, they irritate my throat too much
  5. thanks man! I've only smoked like four times and all of the times using a bong so thats my prefered way of smoking but is it worth getting a grinder with a pollenator? or just a normal grinder?
  6. I have owned 5 grinders with kief collectors, it is by far not the best way to collect kief. If that is the only reason you want the grinder, get a single piece like I said and spread a piece of panty hose tightly across a box of some sort and tape it there, and rub your nug across it, the kief will fall into the box. I did this one time and gathered about legit .7-1 g of kief off of a few grams of dank.
  7. go to this site called gogowholesale, i got a awesome glass spoon pipe for 6 bucks!
  8. Id go to the grocery store, buy an apple. Call my dealer tell him I want 18 dollars worth of ganja. And would smoke it all in one sesh, raid my fridge and watch a movie.
  9. Buy your mum a present. She probably deserves it.
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    Or a pack of papers for 2 bucks. Those should last a good little while :) but..... With the apple you do get a little snack after :p
  11. Save more allowance and get an 8th.
  12. If I could love this I would. :smoke:

    Either do this or buy a Roor. ;)
  13. weed and a pack of papers
  14. Go to your LHS and haggle a RooR down to $20. Works everytime. Trust me.
  15. I bought a glass sherlock for 20 bucks once. It got the job done, but it was quite clear that it was a cheap piece. Its always good to have a cheap bowl around though. No messing with water and you can let it get as dirty as you want. Once you get another piece, take a hammer to it and scrape it like the dickins! You'll get a ball of resin the size of a pingpong ball :D
  16. Illadelph pyramid perc?

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