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What to do with $15,000

Discussion in 'General' started by ZihgZag, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Sounds like you want to day trade. Basically just buy some stocks sell them in a short period of time, under a week and make small profit rinse and repeat. I hear in the long run daytraders lose money so I wouldn't really recommend it. Bernanke and the Federal Bank is getting some flak since he basically just said he's not going to do anything so I don't think there is confidence in the market at this time. So personally if you WERE going to invest I would hold off on that for now.

    Honestly, if i were you I would just hold on to the money. Just spend it on little things. Dinner with chics, gas money, bud if you need it. Its really nice to not have to worry about things like that. Just take a chic out to dinner, don't even worry about it throw down whatever. You're still in highschool it seems, so you're probably taking these chics out to applebees anyway. I say keep it as spending money for at least a few years then if you feel like you have a really solid investment strategy then go for it. Still, 15 grand isn't really that much relatively so I still say just hold on to it.

  2. Haha

    Sounds difficult :(

    Maybe not day trade, but sell my stocks at the end of the day instead of during when the price is jumping up and down. I'm good but I'm not that good.

    The last thing I'm worried about is spending my money on women. At this point in time I could care less about them, I'd rather focus on my future and career.

    Gas money is reasonable though, I'll always need that. A grand should buy something like 250 gallons of gas, so I'd be set.

    Bud is also reasonable, because it helps my condition. I need some ideas though on what exactly I should buy with my grand. You guys say "bud", and that's cool, but what about a nice glass bong that you'd recommend, or an oil dome and accessories, stuff along those lines. Basically, what would YOU buy bud wise if you had a grand to spend.

    And no, I'm in college now. Not high school.
  3. Its gonna b a settlement get peachtree or ull only get like 1000 a month
  4. what I would do with 15 grand?

    I would construct the king of grow ops...
    that is what I would do
  5. I need a new car right now so that would probably be first on the list. After that I would grab some cool stuff and a new piece or two.
  6. Throw some money into apple stocks, i know theyre like 600 a piece but they're about to release the new everything in September, Ipad, Ipod, Macbooks ect.

    2nd, get some dope rims and some subs on your eclipse, get some tint if you don't have some already and if i were you I'd put in a body kit.

    3rd, buy a Volcano, buy a half oz and have a good fucking night.
  7. Invest that money into something worthwhile

    I got in a wreck last summer and when I posted a thread like this everybody bashed me hardcore...looks like things have lightened up here

    good luck
  8. use it to fix your medical problems?
  9. Save/Invest like 10k....

    and buy... a grow box from BCNorthernlights.com

    That'll do...
  10. It's my money and I need it now?

    Call J.G Wetworth, 877-CASH-NOW?

    Yeah I can't even imagine how much I could grow with 15 gs.


    Yeah that's true, Steve Jobs just quit though and that hurt the stock. Apple has been climbing for ages, it's gotta stop climbing soon. I'm a little hesitant because of the price.

    Haha Idk about rims, and I just got new tweeters and bass, but the bass is nothing special. I might get a 12'' in the back, that would be cool.

    Tint is a good idea, thanks for reminding me. I don't know how much a body kit costs, and my car looks sexy already, but I can look into it.

    Yeah I think vape is the only way to go, even though I'm a big fan of glass. I was looking at a swiss perc they sell on this site and it was badass, but very pricey. It would suck up half of my $1,000 allowance.

    What's a good, cheap vape you would recommend?
  11. Elaborate. Is that code for ''buy a lot of weed''?

    I'll look into it, but I highly doubt I'd be able to even pull off a microgrow.

  12. Naw ya dude. Thats why you buy now..

    the price is down so you can buy it while its cheap because of the dip due to steve jobs quitting. Then itll rise once new apple products are released.
  13. What would be something worthwhile in your eyes?

    Yeah it seems the trolls are more plentiful than normal, I've seen things from blades I would never dream I'd see.

    I feel for you, they should make an option to ban people from your threads, though I can see how that could be abused.

    Good luck to you as well. :wave:
  14. This is true.

  15. Dude this box does it all for you. And if you have any questions they have 24/7 grow assistance. And the dudes on call are pretty tight :D
  16. Invest in your education.
  17. put it into an rrsp if you dont need the money atm, they be a rich mofo when you retire.
  18. 15,000 is and isn't a lot of money depending on what your planning on doing with it.

    Sit on it like everyone else is doing and triple it.

  19. I don't think you understand, the people I live with don't approve of growing weed. lol

    They said if I get a medical card though I can smoke.

    I'm already going to college, don't know what more I can do.

    Put it into what?

    S'all good, I don't need to pay to get laid

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