what to do with 10 gs

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    Well the other day I found out about a recall on all toyota tacomas from the year 1995-2000. The recall is for the frame of the trucks, and it states that all frames should remain rust free for 15 years otherwise toyota will buy back the truck at 150% of the Kelly Blue Book Suggested Retail Value in Excellent condition. Well I took my 1999 tacoma in to the dealership to see what it was all about and they told me my frame failed the inspection for rust. They then told me I would be contacted by toyota within the next week and will then receive my check. I bought this truck 3 years ago for 5,000 when it was like new and over the years i have completely destroyed it; ive hit a tree with it, gotten it stuck in numerous puddles/rivers, and really just never took care of it at all. However the dealership said the condition of the truck doesn't matter and she has seen toyota offer 13,000 for some of the trucks. The KBB retail value of my truck is 6,700 so that times 1.5 is 10,050. I just i would share the story of how i basically won the lottery and am getting around 10,000 for my old dented beat up and rusty tacoma with 151,000 miles. thanks for reading and blaze on because im rich haha
  2. lolll nice man...buy a nice ass new ride...a fat sack and a dope ass bong...
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    id buy some new glass pipes and bongs and like spend the remaining on weed.

    EDIT i would also buy some good food.
  4. ^^^ this. including a few bottles of goose and some cranberry.
  5. new car and huge weed sack of course, but also put a bit in the bank for emergencies.
  6. if it were me

    a bong
    some weed
    some other shit i want like clothes, tv, xbox

    the rest would go to my debt
  7. id buy like an ounce, a niceass bong, a used car and then deposit the rest in my account.
  8. yea im gunna buy a new wetsuit, some buds, a used car, and a sick ass bong. ill post pics after i get the check in the mail

  9. this..
  10. don't forget to save some!!!! lol. congrats.
  11. Buy a used beater car that can get you to the beach, then invest the rest of it in the stock market.

    Psyyyyyyyyyyych... Bong. Weed.
  12. for some reason i thought you were asking about what to do with 10 grams of weed.
  13. Don't listen to these dudes heres the recipie for success:

    Some bud
    Alot of blow
    Even more hookers to blow the coke off of
  14. invest it man.
  15. buy nice glass
    buy nice bud

  16. If I were you, I'd loan me 10 g's.
  17. How awesome would it be to buy $10,000 worth of weed for percy.
  18. Buy another tacoma that fits within the time frame... but get a killer deal and sell it for more and repeat until you are filthy stinking rich.
  19. go to amsterdam and than when you get back set up a small grow area with leds and flouros for veg!
  20. this.

    do you still get to keep the truck?

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