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What to do with 1-2 ounces of stems?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bong Ripper 420, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. I'm able to throw in at least an eighth to a quarter of actual nugs, too. I was considering cannabutter, but I don't have any prior experience to making it and I'm not sure if it will be made right / potent enough. The stems are all from good weed and some still have some bud stuck to it. Any insight is helpful, especially from someone who's worked with stems before. I'm looking for ease and effectiveness even though I'm more concerned about the quality than the work. I figure that I'm going to need to buy some materials anyway, but I'd rather hold off on buying anything if I can't put the stems to good use. I'll have to reweigh them because it might be over 2 ounces total, but it's at least close to 2.

  2. I put it all in a jar with all buds picked off.

    The jar or plastic container should have a flat lid, and wide in diameter.

    Put in half of the jar filled with stems and put the lid or cover over steamy hot water for 2 seconds and screw the lid back on, turn upside down and shake and bang against your knee or palm.

    Open it right side up and you'll see that all the kief or thc will have stuck to your lid. Scrape and smoke.

    Or simmer in butter on low.

    Your choice if you wanna smoke or make edibles.
  3. wash with iso n make some killer qwiso
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    I would make some soup
  5. I would make dank shatter, 2 oz of stem sis alot especially with a quad next to it. edibles suck in my opinion
  6. wtf i've been throwing my stems away.  fuck.  but I have some more!
  7. How much THC does the stems contain? I was given a massive box of leaves and stems from someones grow.
  8. What is shatter bro? 4 Four 2 Twenty 0
  9. BHO or butane hash oil, wax, shatter
  10. All the huge stems for my grows (i know this doesn't much pertain to what you have) i donate to my friends dog.  Shes loves to tear those up!
  11. Oh I gotcha
  12. Use them to start a fire

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