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What to do whilst simultaneously high and ill

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by didier12, May 26, 2010.

  1. Just looking for advice on what I can do whilst being ill, I'm almost definitely gonna smoke some cones to counteract the illness in like 5 mins. Basically being ill is the opposite of being high so I'm gonna smoke some cones to balance that shit out.

    Anyways yeah what can I do whilst I'm high, usually I'll just get blazed and listen to queens of the stone age or something and rock out but I have a headache and qotsa are on the bottom of my list, I have 2 days off work while I'm ill so if anyone has any good suggestions I'm all ears. :smoke:

    P.S I swear I currently have more snot than water in my body at the moment, so a further question does it ever run out?!?!?! It's driving me insane.
  2. draw pictures, watch movies, write, video games.
  3. watch a bruce lee movie, play video games (preferably N64), watch some porn, attempt to sleep, read mad magazine
  4. spank your monkey:)
  5. I heard somewhere this even boosts the speed of recovery, is this true?
  6. Download some Thievery Corporation, lie back, close your eyes and....ahhhhh
  7. 5 shots of jagermeister should do it.
  8. Just get medicated and your illness will go away, because the weed cells will chill all the other cells out
  9. My illness cleared up much faster than usual, I thank weed. :smoking:
  10. Your probably going to want to sleep to be honest but you could try reading, playing video games, drawing or something to keep you entertained.
  11. Listen to some friendly fires :]

    [ame=]YouTube - Friendly Fires - "Kiss Of Life"[/ame]
  12. most epic quote in history.
  13. Load up on dex first, smoke out, watch something long, like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Keep applying drugs as necessary to not be able to feel any symptoms.
  14. Lie out in sunshine.
  15. I just don't mix the two. When I'm sick, it's my body telling me it needs time to fix something. Adding in smoke and raising your blood pressure won't help. Think of it as your body asking for a Tbreak. In the end, you're healthy AND you get higher.

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