what to do while high?

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    so i've been stuck at home for quite a while and at this point of my life getting high is just a way to make my day a bit more bearable or in a less dramatic fashion just more fun (i mean stress relief too as any little annoyance tends to set me off but that's another thing) and although this has become more difficult as time goes on as the highs start to feel.. more normal i guess, as always i had videogames to fall on. but recently after 14 years of near daily gaming i quit and ima be honest its out of complete and utter indignation, might sound ridiculous but its true, but now that my usual option is gone i need something else.

    sure i can read but frankly i dont like reading and it requires a special kind of book for me to enjoy. if it gets to a certain point ill go to my public library and spend wtvr amount of hours i need but until then i would like something easier.

    and yeah i can watch tv or a movie but this brings me back to the point of me smoking, to make my day more fun and i simply dont get any more enjoyment from watching something blazed than i do when im sober or at least not to an acceptable degree.

    i could do digital sudoku or solitaire but those are quite boring and still technically a videogame and i would like to avoid any slippery slopes.

    i could go outside but that also is soooo boring i just cant enjoy it unless i have somewhere i actually need/want to go.

    i guess theres not much to do aside from spend time on my computer it's quite powerful and space really isnt an issue so if theres something cool im down to download it with the one caveat that it isnt game-like.

    i tried making games multiple times but i dont have the creativity patience or drive to make one

    as you can see im lost and frankly very bored and any help would be appreciated even if it ends up not being much of a help in the end.
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  3. Build something.
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  4. that goes back to the point of creativity. at best i can copy other's people's work, i made a lego "piggy bank" for my mom when i was like i dunno 12 and its literally just an over-glorified box with a quarter sized hole on top. i do have this speks thing i like to use when i smoke to de-stress they're 500 little magnets but im limited to rather rudimentary shapes and somewhat embarrassingly i tend to get frustrated when i really try as i tend to mess up a lot and im not as patient as i should be.

    i do think i still have my [somewhat] big box of legos so maybe i can find like youtube instructions or something and see if i have the pieces needed. i'll try and see how it fares, thank you!
  5. exercise your mind and body, shed your skin, make lifelong positive changes to you and your enviroment, don't look back!
  6. this is a genuinely good idea, however i simply don't find these things so easy. i have been trying for quite long, however I am optimistic that given [even more] time i may be able to make significant changes and move on with my life, thankyou!
  7. Lead a cult, develop a world domination plan, start playing with fire, learn to throw knifes at walls, train your skills so that you can move like John Wick, don't forget to tie your shoes.:coolalt:
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    When I'm sitting at home, I always find something to do, like make your own board game, especially when you're stoned it works great here storyboardthat.com, Easy to create printable board game templates. Board games can be used to teach critical thinking and communication skills, helping students learn a new game or getting them to create and make their own! I think it's perfect for thinking logically stoned.
  9. Drive east or west or south if u like the gulf and go to the beach. Stop at some national parks and see some nature.

    What it may be

    ur body is trying to tell u something. U may be getting ready for the next stage/step in life. U just don’t know it. Video games is fun and all. But
    U need balance in ur life.
    If all u do is sit in front of the screen watching tv playing video games

    that’s all you are going to know

    ur body is badass and wants more in life. The hard part is finding what it is looking for

    at least you recognize that

    try volunteering somewhere. A animal shelter. A hospital. At a school. Try coaching a little kids sports team. Not really things to do when ur high but still
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  10. masterbait masterbait and masterbait :GettingStoned::love-m3j::GettingStoned:
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