What to do/Where to go in Denver, Co.?

Discussion in 'General' started by Live_Life, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Planning a spontaneous few days in Colorado and was wondering what I have to see/do there? Aside from of course smoking amazing bud. :)

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  2. Check out a place called 'The Cliff House'. It is a bed n breakfast type place that is in Morrison, Colorado up by Red Rocks amphitheater. They are cannabis friendly and have smoke outs at night in there beautiful common areas. Catch a hockey or football game or bar hopping in LoDo. My favorite is drive up into the mountains and find a nice quiet area to hike and fire one up!
  3. I defenitely recommend taking the free tour of the Coor's brewery in Golden, CO.
  4. One of my favorite memories is bongin a gram of kief with my friend next to this waterfall up by Estes Park. We got so lost on our way back, ended up having to drive in the mountains, in the dark (which we were trying to avoid 'cause I had fucked up headlights). We were trippin out about all the mountain goat crossing signs, and "Watch for mountain lions" signs.

    Just thought I'd share that. God, I love those mountains...
  5. Okay so far the brewery and the bed n breakfast in Morrison. Anything else? Also, will I be able to toke throughout the entirety of the duration?

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  6. Spontaneous few days in CO sounds really good right now. :)
  7. i'd go chill in the woods somewhere 
  8. The US mint is worthy of your time. I'd love to be blazed in there.
  9. GTFO of denver. I hate big cities.
  10. Denver isn't a big city...lol. Just remember that you can't toke in public!
  11. I plan on spending time in Denver the first and last day. You can't toke in public but if we go hiking around some mountains or exploring somewhere where there's generally no people that's okay right? I'm assuming there's a ton of spots/places to toke.

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  12. Wander the streets smoking

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