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what to do when your stash is dry?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Creature420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. hah i just scrapped my bowl and made a bowl out of it and just smoked it, thought it wouldn't work but hah i feel a pretty good buzz right now :p

    how do you get high when your stash is dry? (ha that rhymed )
  2. buy more
  3. Throw any pipes/slides/grinders in the freezer for 10 minutes take first pipe scrape with coat hanger or paper clip depending ob thickness of glass take out another pipe and repeat till all pipes are out. Put all Rez in bowl get grinder put nickel in it shake it like a bitch get some keef put it on the Rez........or just have someone smoke you down
  4. I start giving handjobs at the red light $5 bucks a pop.
  5. i do this
  6. res hits while I call my dealer
  7. Shit my pants and continue to eat it. Just playin but i always keep a emergency bowl or two just in case so im good
  8. Pull my shit together and get a job
  9. Not smoke weed until I happen to want some? Don't need it every second...
  10. start working

  11. fuk that,,,,,unemployment all dizzay!
  12. go down the road and blaze with a buddy. while enjoying said herbal blend chill then go to People's Choice
  13. Get alcohol. I always keep a little more then a gram personal stash incase my boys out so I'll be ok, I made it last 2 days once. I only trust 1 guy when buying weight, so when he's out I just gotta wait or smoke my friends shit :p
  14. I plan for these things by getting more once I have about 10 grams left. 10 grams is the point of no return for me, once
    I start dipping below 10 I might smoke it all and be left without dro, which is a terrible thing.
  15. I have what I call my 'End of the world survival kit'

    A pack of sealed tobacco
    100 rolling papers
    A small glass chillum
    2gs of weed in a mini mason jar.
    2 lighters (1 pot leaf bic and 1 air resistant lighter [just in case its windy. :3])
    A flashdrive with movies and porn.

    No joke, I keep this in my closet, hidden.
  16. Oh and I've always got some blunt roaches around somewhere. Taste like ass tho. Someone told me that roaches are more potent because all the smoke that passes through it, is this true?

  17. I've seriously been thinking of making a porn flashdrive. People can call me weird but they must of not seen that episode of south park.

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