What To Do When Your Marijuana Plants Won’T Flower?

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  1. has anyone tried growing with led lights? I got a 2x1.5x3 (LxWxH) ft stealth box with a 1x1 ft 45 watt led with both light spectrums.. I've only got 4 seedlings growing atm they all look decent save for 1 it's growing funky but still green..I've got a 6inch fan to stir the air...exhaust port but now exhaust fan yet..temp is between 75-82 with the lamp on and 75-69 with them off..RH between 40-50% I live in el paso it's pretty dry here..

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    So I got an Euphoria, and the plant just keeps growing, but 11 weeks in, I still can't see a single flower.
    Harvest should be early october and flowering time should be 8 weeks, so I'm getting a little worried.
    The setup is outdoor, so any suggestions?
    12/12 hour sunlight might be a little hard to do, but I could try to get as close to that, but dunno? [​IMG]
  3. I *think* it is too late in the year to be growing non-auto strains outside. I could be wrong on that one but that's what I suspect. In my vast knowledge about cannabis cultivation(I am such a newb but waiting to begin my own grow) I would say you need auto flowering plants to grow outside passed July. Best of luck and somebody please correct me if I'm wrong!
  4. Sorry I may be in the wrong room, I'm growing outdoor and recently have had an outbreak of yellow leaves, I'm about 3-4 weeks into flower and some of the yellow leaves are dried out like crispy even though my soil is still moist, any clues?
  5. Sounds like a fertilizer problem. You may be fertilizing them to strong or to weak. The ratio of nutrients needed at the 4 th week of bloom is much different then the grow cycle. Nutrients also get built up in the soil which can cause problems, it also changes the pH of the soil when locked up.
  6. Sounds like it's short P & K for Blooming...
    I'm three weeks into blooming...
    .Growing outdoors... WAY up north
    All I've used is Fish Fertilizers ...
    Both are the Brand "Alaska"
    The Fertilizer is 5-1-1
    and the Morbloom is 0-10-10

  7. Hey I was just wondering how often you can get a plant to bud I was thinking it was only once is this correct? Thank you
  8. can anyone tell me what week this girls in. ww from cropking.[​IMG]
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    It's not a picture that gets bigger...
    Looking far away I'd say second week...
    Hope your in an area that lets it go 6 more weeks...
    Cause right now... It's not in the money yet...
    Got a scope ???
    $12. bucks at Walmart.... 20-60 power...

    I only look at the Trichomes....
    It's the ONLY way to go...

    I had to chop mine at 6 weeks ( ( 6 plus ? )
    Because of harsh weather in upper Mid-West

  10. hello I'm in need of some help as I'm growing my first batch of cannabis

    I'm growing outside right now it's about 12/12 outside lights
    How many nodes till I should start capping them ?
  11. capping? do you topping? the sooner the better if topping.
  12. useful information.

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