What to do when you get too high?

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  1. Hey guys, I ran into the first negative experience I've had with pot to date. A friend of mine brought over a blunt that was probably a gram or so full, and we split it. Up until today, I had only ever had 2-4 hits of okay quality stuff at a time. So today, I decided to be a champ and take about 10 or so long drags from this blunt of really high quality stuff, and I got way too high. I involuntarily started swallowing a bunch in a row and almost threw up a couple times, my mouth was real sticky, I was very dizzy and couldn't hardly move, I was having a continual panic attack for a bit, and I layed in this friends truck for about an hour and a half just blazed out of my mind trying not to die. He said I was having a "bad trip" or whatever because I just ingested too much for my tolerance level. Any advice in case this happens in the future? Thanks in advance
  2. Either smoke less or smoke less quality bud. I've had this happen to me. When I went to see my dad in a different state I didn't smoke for 3 weeks, when I came back the first thing I did was smoke a fat blunt to myself. I got ripped and I almost had a panic attack. My heart was beating really fast and it seemed to be super loud, I was more high than when I even first started smoking pot, it was crazy. I simply just told myself to chill the fuck out, so I sat down and just listened to music and went on the computer and I calmed down and got to enjoy the high.  :smoking: When/if you start smoking more, your tolerance will go way up. You (probably) won't get nearly as high and it will take more weed to achieve the same amount of high. 
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    OP, please don't tell me that you were eating blunts
  4. I take bong hits, easier to judge your intake imo.  Basically you just need to smoke less.  Although recently a bunch of blades all agreed that if you continue to smoke a lot of bud you get sober(no idea how), so maybe just keep smoking lol.
  5. You just greened the fuck out, lol. Happens to the best of us. Just remember to tell yourself "no one has ever died from smoking weed", it helps me.  After that you just kinda gotta wait it out.
    happy stoning! :smoke:
  6. I don't really get too high with tolerance but when I see other people freak I just tell them after 15mins you feel much better and most times they do. Not sure if it's psychological or what but it works.
  7. i sit there and take nice deep breaths and think of my power animal. 
  8. I do more drugs

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