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What to do when weed gets boring?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ineedaneigthbro, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. About a year ago my friend introduced me to weed, i thought it was amazing and had some really great times. I got into it a little to fast and started smoking everyday. Pretty much all my friends smoke so i was always around it.
    About 2 months ago my highs weren't satisfying me and now i don't even find getting high that fun. I tried persuading myself that i just wasn't doing the right activities high or that i should find better people to smoke with. I feel like i'm the only one complaining about my highs and all my friends are out tokin and having fun.
    Even though i'm bored of getting high i still do it cause im so used to it, which ends me up making me think about this stuff even more.
    I quit for 4 weeks and started a little bit ago to reduce my tolerance and to see if smoking would be more fun but nothing has changed.
    For example i smoked 3 bong bowls today and it just made me think about the sh*t that im writing right now.
    i just wanna know if anyone is feelin the same way or has a solution
  2. Weed isn't for everyone, if it isn't what gets you off, then quit it and find something that does, like rock climbing or alcoholism... Your options are endless :hello:
  3. Get better/more weed. Really? The 4 week break did nothing for you? That sucks what a a waste of time. Usually people get really ripped at least a few times before slipping back into the cycle.
  4. Try some crack.


    Anything can get boring when it becomes the norm. I'm assuming when you started, it was something different, something new. I'm blasted off my ass right now though; having a little bit of trouble coming up with remedies. I would normally recommend a T-Break, but that doesn't sound like it would alleviate the situation. :(
  5. u know, u gotta quit the mids and the regs man. I got bored too once, get different strains. Its really fun once u switch it up every time u blaze. Basically, once u get bored, try something new, or smoke out of something other than a bong. U just really have to enjoy it. Find that perfect strain, smoke out of a vaporizer. Try alchohol+weed. Theres alot of options out there. If ur really bored, and dont like getting high, and u smoked every strain out there, and smoked out of everything, and ur still bored, idk just quit but until then, keep tokin man.
  6. Go sit on a cliff, make a fire, cook some smokies, smoke a blunt and enjoy the view.
  7. Get some good weed, AK47 or white widow.

    If that fails, Try MDMA.
    Its safe, as long as its not mixed wit anythin else, like PCP or Meth.

    If you want a legal drug, try Sally-D!
    Its pro.

    Mix some sally with some dank, great fun!

    Another idea would be to push the envelope, try smoking in high risk environments, where you could get caught!
  8. weed getting boring?

    been smoking about a year and a half ago, at least twice a day everyday. I don't find it getting any less boring. I would understand smoking alone but i usually toke with other peoplez.

    and if you alone at home just do it before you sleep or shower, then listin to some music. i dont think it would ever get boring since the possiblities are endless

  9. I can see what you are saying, just don't smoke if you don't like it. You don't always have to be under the influence of a drug, nor do you have to go to harder drugs to become satisfied. If you start harder drugs you could lead to addiction, which could lead to a much bigger problem.

    It is your life though, so do as you please. Try taking a year break, or only smoking on weekends, or try a waterfall bon, gravity bong, vaporizer, edible, etc.

    Do something you don't usually do, draw, nature hike, cook, fish, parasailing, roller coasters, movie theater, fair, writing music, playing an instrument (could be same as writing music I guess), canoeing, jetski, boating, skateboarding, longboarding (same thing as skateboaring kinda),riding a bike, driving around down town, going to the mall and people watching, tubing, swimming at a pool (w/ a diving board is an added bonus), aquariums, museums, zoos, historical parks, antique stores, social gatherings, concerts, etc.

    The list goes on for just about ever.
  10. hahaha damn you beat me to it.
  11. in all seriousness.. take mushrooms.. they can help you decide what to do..
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  12. try different strains if youve been buying the same strain from the same dealer try something new. I would get a strong sativa bud they give off really fun and active highs! :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. Can't believe no-one suggested this....

    Get a more happy and fulfilling day to day life without weed.
    If you're happy and enjoying life without weed, weed adds a cool dimension to it and enhances things that you already enjoy.
    If you're bored without weed, then weed will subdue the boredom for a while but the boredom kicks in again sooner or later.
    Try not to use weed as an escape or a solution, but rather a bonus.

  14. Exactly, i have always thought of weed as an enhancer. Pretty muches enhances the feelings you get when you do something. If you do something really boring everyday, weed will enhance the boringness of it. Now if you do something really awesome and exciting, the weed will enhance the awesomeness of it. I got bored of weed a while back, but i took a 3 month break, pickup up some new hobbies and now its fun again.:bongin:
  15. Uhh... Off the top of the dome. Heroin, uh... Crack Cocane, pshh..uh.. Crystal meth, LSD, uhh... PCP, LOL ok enough trolling

    Take another week off look for some FIRE then smoke it and do something you've never tried like idk swimming, or hiking or something, if it doesn't work then IDK but good luck filling that void.

  16. AMEN to this! Can't stand when people think weed is only for people who are bored without it or for people with no lives!
  17. This is the most intelligent thing that i have read in awhile about weed.
    Pretty much sums it up:hello:
  18. ok if bud gets boring dont do heroin experiment with shrooms, and lsd basically any strong psycadelic drug nothing else and smoke at least one bowl on those drugs but the next time you smoke weed it will be extremely stronger because you have the minute effects from each of those drugs be careful with those stronger drugs because they can get extremely scary if your not in the right enviroment i can now notice the mushroom and acid effects but definitly not as strong when i smoke weed now
  19. Take a t-break, just stop smoking for a couple weeks , and when you smoke again it'll be a lot more enjoyable ,and you'll get higher. It will be a lot better.
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