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What to do when it's your best friend of 13 years that's the mooch?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jenn422, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I just don't know what to do. He is such a friggin mooch. I swear he smokes at least 1/4 of my weed a week if not a half o.

    I can buy an o of pretty good middies for $120 a week. But it only lasts me so long because every other day he has some crisis I *need* to smoke him up for.

    We've been very good friends for a very long time. If I don't share with him he'll be pissed. And our drug dealer preschool teacher friend will be waiting in the wings to constantly smoke him up.

    I'm just annoyed I guess that he smokes so much of my shit and usually never smokes me up. He'll match, but he never offers. And that pisses me off.
  2. just tell him. If he has been your friend that long. He probably won't get pissed and just slow down on smoking your weed if he is reasonable at all.
  3. Tell him this:

  4. I have a buddy like that, but I keep in mind he's smoked me out when I didn't have it without me asking. I would suggest either saying your out or make him match what u add. OR he can not smoke.
    Edit: a 1/4? fuck him dude he's using you.
  5. What pisses me off the most is I buy my weed in bulk so I can save. But it seems that he just negates that. He expects 5g of mids for 20$ because that's what I get when I buy in bulk.

    If it was a bowl pack or two sure but generally its a big friggin blunt with 1.5-2 g's in it.

    I just need a nice way to tell him he smokes alot of weed either buy more so I don't have to smoke him up all the time or stop smoking so much.
  6. tell him fuck off . if hes never chipping in.
  7. Occasionally he throws a little in, but it's a very little. :-/

    Telling him to fuck off is not an option.
  8. explain to him that you cant afford to smoke him up. its not fair tell him flat out.
  9. Sounds like you need to stop telling him how much you have. And when you do smoke up only bring out a very small amount.

    Keep your main stash in a big mason jar and get a small mason jar for your small stash.
  10. there is always the option of killing him...

  11. Killing him is not an option either!!!!!
  12. Talk to him. Tell him that its not cheap and not free.
  13. Please elaborate, hahaha.
    Anyway, I've had the same problem before. The easiest way is to just be honest...say that smoking him up all the time is running your wallet out and you're trying to conserve. I'm sure that he'll understand, and perhaps ask him to split the cost of the ounce.

  14. Lol she sells weed at night and teaches your 3-5 year olds during the day lol! She's fun sometimes, but no matter how nice I am i just feel she just doesn't like me.

    I could get him his own damn half for $60. He's gonna smoke it anyways, I'm just sick of being there when his shut runs out.
  15. tell him how you feel?

    tell him you're out?

    avoid him?

    tell him you'll only match bowls from now on cause you're trying to save money?
  16. Tell him to that its your weed, not his, and if he wants to smoke, he can buy his own. :wave:
  17. If you are good friends you should be able to talk about anything and not get mad at eachother, but i know that isn't always the case, and I found out the hard way even good friends can get shitty and act like jerks for no reason, but hopefully you two can talk and work shit out. Maybe you need to talk to him about why he is needing to smoke your weed all the time. Find the underlying problem
  18. Hmmm he's a guy? He's probably just boning the pre school teacher lmao
  19. Yeah but if I'm the one who's like let's go smoke he expects me to put ALL he bud in. Maybe that would work, telling him I just don't have enough money so I can only match on bowls and bluts ESP!!!

    I just get so pissed when we go out he blows his money on stupid shit and not the pot he's going to smoke later.

  20. He's gay. Lol. He's more of a girl than I am lol.

    Really all I want is for him to buy a half and just leave mine be.

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