What to do when I'm stuck in ISS (In School Suspension)?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankyBudz, May 13, 2010.

  1. I'm going to have ISS for the next two days. At my school teacher's cannot give you assignments to do while in ISS, although my business management teacher is bailing me out for one period. What should I do during these two days of Hell? I considered firecrackers but I don't have time to bake them before mom comes home. Suggestions?
  2. haha damn man you can't get assignments thats just fucked up '

    if they let you sleep i'd suggest staying up real late so you can sleep through it ' but i doubt that

    what do they expect yall to do then?

    if all fails i'd just wait till you get there and see what everybody else is doin :)

    and if you can't make firecrackers just burn in the morning before
  3. get peanut butter, microwave weed+pb, spread on bread.....eat that...........or just find a handy dandy book to read! lol........lol back in the day i remember iss.......so stupid..i got it for skipping school.....lol waste of time:smoking:
  4. I wouldn't suggest getting high before/during (brownies, etc.) ISS because then it will feel like you're there forever lol. Time reallllly slows down for me when I'm high, so I dont do it before certain things (although most of the time I still do lol).

    Buy the newest issue of High Times and just chill reading that :smoking:. If they say anything just be like "wut? I was reading wtf is your problem..."
  5. when I had my ISS (gay, dumb story, PM me if you are bored and want to hear it, its childish and dumb not drug related) I had a big math test next week so I just brought my math book and read every word and did every practice problem. I also brought my PSP (years ago when they were revolutionary lol) and I went online and played NBA '09 and GTA Liberty City Stories lol. Was awesome. Then at lunch time I had to clean up with the janitors and yea that's it....just bring some books to read or shit you can study, you can get some serious studying done in there, no distractions.

  6. How'd you end up doing on that test lol? I bet you raped it.

    And during my ISS we couldn't have anything 'fun'. So no cell phone, no GBA, PSP, DS, any of that shit. We either did HW, or we read, or sat there and stared at the fucking desk lol...it sucked.
  7. Doodle, read, or sleep if you can pull that off.
  8. I didn't get my backpack checked or anything and no one checked up on me really so I just sat in this conference room all day studying and playing PSP lol.

    I think I got like a 92%, my only good test grade in that class....use to be addicted to video games that year in high school so I rarely studied, ended up with like a 78%, tied for worst grade in high school with year 1 of IB Chemistry.
  9. I can't really relate to this because ISS at my old high school was fun as hell. That's what happens when you put a dozen smartass kids that don't care about school in one room with a teacher that gets walked all over. They sent me there once for beating the shit out of this kid that none of the teachers liked in self defense. It was the absolute minimum punishment they'd give to a kid they liked that beat a kid they didn't like senseless.

  10. Ahh gotcha. See at ours there was actually someone sitting in the room with me, so I couldn't do anything fun. Keep in mind this was in like 5th grade, so 10+ years ago...
  11. fuckin iss..... i mean its bad enough when you have your fucking schoolwork to do, but this is just insane.
  12. Eat some firecrackers (not too strong, you do't wanna be baked in ISS, trust me), and draw, much more entertaining than it sounds. Try to draw everyone in the room!
  13. Shit your pants.
  14. yeah dude i feel yeah, My ISS was fool of the loser kids.. I had to go in there once for doing stupid shit at lunch.. fucking sucked. I had to sit there all day and stare at the wall.. I oculd read and do h/w but its not like im feeling like doing anything when im bored outta my mind. I couldnt sleep either, plus the teacher who was in ISS was a total bitch math teacher.
  15. I spent most of my time day dreaming or pretending to read a book when really using it as a prop for sleep.
  16. ISJOS is what you should do.

    In School Jerk Off Session
  17. I never had to do this in high school but I would suggest firecrackers and some music (if they aren't pricks). That or just pass out and make them clean up your drool :)

    What a waste of time this is, really. "You're misbehaving? Let's put you in a room to waste valuable school time"...cuz you know, this is really going to teach you a lesson :rolleyes:
  18. In the ISS@ my old highschool our teachers gave the ISS instructor our work that we were doing in class.. no matter how many days you were assigned you were stuck there until you finished your work. Problem was if you didn't have all your books for class you couldn't finish thus you were stuck in ISS forever. Well, unless you stole someone's book out of their unlocked locker ;) :eek:

    Fun fact;
    I pretty much spent more than half of my highschool career in ISS for that fact and have mastered the ways of ISS.

    Also, ISJOS sounds much more interesting.
  19. at my school they had little holes in the back corner of the desks (they had walls on three sides of the desk, it was like solitary man) but made for wicked games of paper ball basketball, or baseball, or golf, or hockey or whatever you want to call it. they are all basically the same game......fuck, iss's are boring.
  20. come prepared PSP IPOD cell phone walkman watever you got. bring it. your in for sum shit man. also if theres anybody cool in there with you try to bullshit with them as much as possible. also be prepared to fuck with the ISSP teacher that was my personal favorite activity:)
    also show up late if you can. as long as your in before noon or watever the day still counts.

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