What To Do When Girlfriend Doesnt Like Who You Are?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by cannabis1990, May 19, 2014.

  1. I feel as if my girlfriend doesn't like who I am, we fight about meaningless things like why I don't believe in vaccines or that I don't feel like splitting a sandwich with her, she doesn't accept that I like to use drugs and in the future their are drugs I will be trying. She likes to stay in and doesn't enjoy to explore, and she wants to work her future away while I want to travel and live, do you think we are just too different?

  2. Find another girlfriend and let her find a boyfriend more to her liking.
  3. Yes. Break up with her and find somebody that is into hating vaccines and will eat thier own sandwich. Good luck.
  4. Vaccines don't cause retardation and why won't you share a sandwich lol? But it sounds like you two should find other people.
    Lol I don't really care about the retardation, I just think we should build up our own immunity, and I do, but she wants to order sandwiches every few days and I typically just eat something beforehand and don't feel like eating again. Lol maybe we should, we'll figure it out
  6. And its not like I need to always have someone in my life, I don't have to search for another girlfriend if we break up, I just go with the flow and see what happens, if I fall in love on the way I fall in love
  7. Trade her in on an upgraded model.
    Watch you dump her and she will shave her beaver and get a big bad ass tattoo.
  8. Build up our own immunity? You do realize that their are deadly diseases basically nonexistent bc of vaccines, but have started to come back bc some people dont research past correlation=causation
  9. Break up with her and let her find someone else. Probably someone better.

    You don't believe in vaccines? Wtf?
  10. Break up then, also doing other drugs is the stupidest thing u could ever do in life sorry but it is an u can't blame her for not liking that one that's just throwing common sense out the window so u can say u "lived and learned" or "experienced somthing", other then that break up lol

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  11. i have nothing to add. the other members pretty much nailed it.
  12. All we need to find is someone who loves you for who you are and who you love for them.
    Those sound like silly arguments. You two could split up and realize you were exactly what you guys wanted and find your ways back to each other, missing those silly little things and realizing how stupid you both are. Clarity and what not. Or not. The answers are all there, but anyway, just be you cause someone who doesnt accept you isn't worth keeping. Maybe it's not that she doesnt accept you maybe she just cares about you. It's complicated ye, just wing it n remember not to give up on someone who truly cares for you, its not common.
  13. This is Captain Obvious thread. Dump the chick. Move on with your life.
  14. Id rather OP's girl was the one to dump him.  He's living in la-la land.
     Dont believe in vaccines?  Whooping cough kills little helpless babies because of people like you. >=(
       Lol wont share your sandwich?  I thought you were into building resistance to infections, OP.
     At any rate this is a troll post and OP's gf is non-existent.
  15. vaccines shouldnt be an issue unless you have a child and are trying to make that decision. I would think that just means deeper problems
  16. Do not do drugs. Only smoke weed :')

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  17. Honestly? If she cannot accept you for you then she isn't worth your time, or any other manner of investment. You should spend this time looking for somebody with the compatibility that you need in life, not somebody who is going to cause you stress.
  18. I'm just curious, are you "wtf"ing about the whole " not believing in vaccines" is a stupid issue to fight about or are you "wtf"ing because he does not believe in vaccines?

    If its the latter, could you tell me how you think vaccines work in 1-2 sentences.

    I'm not trying to troll, I'm just really curious what your answer is. Others who are shocked that OP doesn't believe in vaccines can contribute also

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  19. Tell her to get on her knees

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