What To Do When Friends Dont Agree With Weed Habit?

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  1. okay so i'm new to grasscity! and i'm sure that most of the people here have at some point in their life had a group of friends give them an intervention or something..  :(
    as much as i love my friends, and they toke with me on the odd occasion, they keep trying to 'put me on the right track' and their methods can be quite cruel sometimes, involving nasty words like 'stupid' and 'thick' that overall just make me feel rather shit sometimes  :cry:
    i live in the uk, and at the moment i am currently studying my A levels, and as much as i love the bud i would never let it jeopardise my education, as i would like to have the opportunity to go to university.
    i have told my friends this countless times. i've been smoking for a couple years now, and i've managed to keep the grades up, if anything, i'm a lot more happier  :laughing:
    but my friends think i've become dopey, and they say that i'm only telling them i'm fine because i'm in denial and i have a drug problem. i just find it funny how they don't find it such a problem when i'm the one who's paying for the weed when they decide to toke with me.
    the thing is, they're my best friends, i love them, and it makes me really sad that they don't understand me, it just feels like everything that i do or say is wrong, and i don't feel that i should stop smoking it just because they say so. so, fellow grasscity members, i've come to you for advice!  :hello:
    please, please, please, how can i get my friends to understand me better? and more importantly stop harshing my mellow!  :smoke:
    happy toking!

  2. either don't smoke around them or just tell them to back off and stop telling you how to live your life. billions of people smoke weed. and for good reason. 
  3. Ask them to see your side for their own perspective but don't beg, if its obvious its not gonna happen just deal, you might as well learn how to deal with these people now, they are fucking everywhere, dont let them walk outta your life though! 
  4. How does that A level thing work? Does that mean you are 16 or 17? :smoke:
  5. not trying to be condescending, but some of these are straight up pussy questions
  6. Tell them what you just told the internet... you know.. complete strangers.... If you need to, print out this page and read it to them.  
    If they still don't get it?  Find new friends.  
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    I usually shut people like that up by displaying my near-eidetic memory.

    you could always just say they're just as bad for eating cheese, which contains tryptophan, a known hallucinogen. Your friends actually sound pretty unintelligent to me. :)
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    My brother use to not like me smoking, this is my twin brother by the way. Took quite a while, but he came around to being cool with it, and the a year after that, I got him smoking, now we smoke together pretty much daily. But what I would do, is sit down with your buddies and tell them how you never 'got off track' and that smoking bud is an activity you enjoy that doesn't mess with your responsibilities/ obligations. Tell them you don't intend to quit smoking, and that they have no reason to want you to, but kee it civil, if these are your best friends then they should(hopefully) realize that your right, and that bud doesn't mess your shit up at all.
    Good luck dude:)
    i'm in my first year of a levels, but im going into year 13 soon so i'm 16 going on 17  :hello:
  10. LOL you dun goof'ed. 
  11. tell them your happy they care for you but you know your shit and everybody is different. 
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    slap your cock across their face to assert your male power over them.
    if they are willing as a friend, they will submit to you and your desired pleasantries. you may allow them to tend to your brood, if you so choose. however, i do not recommend this course of action. it is my firm and veiny belief that a steady cock slap to the face will do enough in your situation.
  13. or you can do it wolf style. over power them to show that your the strongest. say "i'm the alpha bitch"
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    the problem is not your friends, they are tryin to help you
    your enemie is their lack of knowledge about the herb
    this is why im always on the move to read news about cannabis health benefit , so that i can spead the awarness
    if you can educated yourself  on weed you will fill confident explaining its not that bad tho them
    ex : weed is neuro-protective = protect againt mental disease
            Concentrate can regenerate brain cell ,shrink tumor
       your body was made to receive cannabinoid  and even produce some naturaly just like melatonin
      it stop epilepsia seizure  ,anti-cancer and pain reliever
    i dont know your weed habit , im sure even weed need to stay in moderation
    but  just make sure to motivate yourself  and be positive not only for weed but for life 
    assume yourself even if some will think your a lazy pothead they are just brainwashed by their family/friend sometime
  15. Tell your friends that they're 16 years old and have no idea what they're talking about
  16. Don't be smoking with these hypocrites anymore, and keep them separated from your weed-life entirely. If there's still a problem, they're probably not worth keeping around because that means they're ignorant kids who don't want you living your own life.
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    No none of us have had a intervention from our friends for smoking weed. It's weed. Get a grip
  18. People come and go its the ones that stay and dont complain are the ones that I call friends
  19. straight edgers are stupid as fuck.  Those people generally have a morality complex, and as we all know, the people that act holier than thou are often the most depraved fuckers on earth.
  20. I did back when I was 16. My Hubby (BF at the time) pretty much gave me an ultimatum. For good reason though. I had alot of shit I neededd to deal with in my personal life. Everytime I smoked, repressed memories would come back, I would get depressed and sometimes suicidal. It wasnt because of laced weed or anything. it was everytime i got high. It was able to unlock things my mind tried to forget. The weed would exacerbate my mood, so if I was in a shitty mood I became an awful person when I was high. After a 10 year break, and lots of therapy for the shit that bubbled up, I am smoking again, daily, and couldnt be happier. Weed is a harmless drug if you let it be. If it brings out the worst parts of you, you may want to take a break and figure your shit out.

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