what to do when cops bust a party

Discussion in 'General' started by Grapebleez, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. what would you do? last night there was a huge party but the neighbors called the cops. i only had a beer and had some bud on me so i stayed there, took a breathalizer and blew .16. then i blew like 2 hours later and blew a .000 so they let me go home. im pissed though cuz like 20 people ran out the window and i didnt even think about it at the time. we had em wait outside till they got a search warrant. i didnt get a mip or nothin so thats cool but i lost like a quarter of mids.
  2. What did some people just start jumping out windows as soon as they saw a cop car? That's not suspicious.
  3. please edit that post

  4. whaaaaa?
  5. mip stands for minor in posession, correct? i'm not trying to be one of 'those' assholes, i'm just trying to help the OP!
  6. get further man! rollers cant catch the whole party!!
  7. you can be 19 and get a MIP...20 and under...i think..
  8. most of the time when im at a party and cops come knocking, at least 5-7 people run out a back door/out a window. most of the time cops don't go after them unless they have at least 1 other cop with them to watch the front
  9. im underage (19)
    so when the cops show up when im intoxicated, i just join everyone else and run for it.
    i usually park my car around a corner or some shit just in case.

  10. i know what an mip is.
    im just confused on why he needs to edit

  11. Minor in possesion of alcohol. Thats 21...the rule here is 18. There's nothing wrong with his original post.
  12. oh, i thought you could only get a MIP if you were 17 or younger. sorry
  13. Hide The weed, pop any pills, and open another beer. They probably can't do shit to me
  14. I normally just walk out casually, has always worked wonders for me. They do not like it when you run.
  15. The only time I was in this situation, my girlfriend and I just got into bed and went to sleep. Five minutes later, the cops came into her bedroom and woke us up, and we just told them we were sleeping the whole time and had nothing to do with the party.

    Worked perfectly.
  16. Get rid of anything in your possession in which will get you in trouble with the law, & as long as its not your house just sit down
  17. Get into the bath and pretend that you had no idea what was going on.

    If you look anything like me, the sight of your naked body will make the officers sick and force them to walk away.

    Problem solved.
  18. When the cops come i just stand there, because i am old and they cannot punish me for drinking alcohol in a private residence.
  19. Sad that you have to be 21 to drink, Europe is sweet after all (although the weed prices suck).
  20. i stand at the door bullshitting with one of the officers at the door after showing my ID.

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