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    Well now that Im on my month t break :eek: i have time to try new things(ive just been smokin weed everyday but don't say crack or herion though(i want to stay away from that)... im looking for good high at a decent price without a bunch negative effects not everyday but just get high like 2-4 times a week..... only thing i can think off that i wanna pick up is shrooms because ive never tried them but im not only looking for psychedelics im just looking for good highs but not too high of a price because i really need a new pipe and i wanna pick up at least a 1/2 oz when this t break is done... Any suggests and please don't mention any legal buds or anything legal bull shit you can buy on the internet because im without a debit card right now so can't buy shit on online. And don't mention please dxm im well aware of that.
  2. You're not gonna be able to get high off shrooms if you want to do it 4 times a week. Also i would recommend some oxy.
  3. I meant i wanna get high like 2-4 a week or something not just from shrooms. Shroom were just something i thought of its.. they also are pretty cheap around here.
  4. i thought oxy was pretty expensive.

  5. here it depends. oxys can go anywhere from 20 to 40 a pill. i saw someone pay 80 bucks once. dumb ass
  6. Ya i don't wanna pay that much for one pill even if its 500mg or whatever i know nothing about oxy. I heard you can only do shrooms like twice a week right?
  7. Oxy has been described by many as one of the greatest feelings you can have in your lifetime. The high is completely amazing and in my opinion worth the price of admission (assuming you pay around $.75/mg). It's my personal favorite buzz, but if you choose to try it out be careful, a lot of people are addicted to it for a reason.
  8. but thats too much for a pill and no ones gonna wanna look for one pill for me or at least i don't think they would.
  9. i'd try E if u have not yet

  10. well, it costs a lot, but if you snort it or smoke it it can last you a while.

    and sorry, the prices i gave you are for an 80mg pill.

    when i first started an 80 would last me and a buddy a night, but before i started using h, i could burn through several 80's a day by myself.
  11. Not necessarily, I know a lot of people who would do singles.
  12. ya im not trying to get addicted to anything.. i just wanna get high and hang out with my friends and relax.
  13. Pick up some vicodin, or xanax, or both haha. I like them both a lot and they are fun. Maybe try ambien or something too. Get some beers and kick back with your boys
  14. I don't think E is something you'd want to do 2-4 times a week. Well, you'd probably want to (who wouldn't? :D), but it's not a good idea.

    Also, don't start doing any opiate multiple times per week if you're worried about addiction.
  15. You most likely won't get addicted to OC from using it nonfrequently (at least 2 days between uses). If you have the power to do that, then you won't get addicted.

  16. well im sure i could it just would take a long ass time and i would be paying 20-40 for money for a pill...i don't have a job right now i can't afford that most likely. if i had more money ya i would buy oxys but moneys kinda tight and i really need to reward my self at the end of this t break.

    I think im gonna look for mushies tommow or saturday.

    Or i could just go to parties and drink but i like being high a lot more then being drunk.
  17. like i said before, for your desired type of usage, vicodin, norco, or some type of benzo would prolly be ideal. those are a lot harder to get hooked on then oxy as they arent nearly as powerful. an oxy would knock you on your ass, but the aforementioned pills would prolly give you the high you're looking for. i've heard a lot of people say oxy is too intense for them.
  18. im also gonna look into norcos and benzos. But im thinking thats going to cost around the same oxy.

  19. well my friend who had script for oxy and he gets Vicodin and he tells me he likes the Vicodin better......lucky bastard huh? i wish he would share
  20. well its gonna cost money to get the pills, but weed costs money too. its hard to get high for free. here in so cal, vikes would be your cheapest option. they would prolly work pretty well for you too if you don't have a tolerance.

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