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  1. PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know these are common problems and with research i should just be able to find out. But i like to here opinions and ideas advice critism anything. But here are some pics of my babies and they are just giving out on me i just dont know what to do. some look okay but some look nasty. I think its a bug problem and a light problem but just not to sure. They are about two weeks old i cliped them ounce all ready cause the leaves were looking ugly and dieing. But i got 20 clones plz just help with anything. THANKS IN ADVANCE







  2. You got quite a spectrum there! The first pic looks like a nitrogen deficiency. Others look like nutrient burn. And the one totally wilted and falling down looks like it has been over watered. Are you by chance using Miracle Gro soil? Type of nutes, if any yet? I would recommend giving them all a good flush with clean water, and let them dry out. Start with a good quality fertilizer and give it at 1/4 strength. Make sure they are dried out before watering. And stop trimming leaves. Its not gonna be of any help, except maybe asthetics. Can cause stress and slow growing for a while.
  3. What kind soil you are using there?

    I think I spotted some long term release ferts in there...
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    Im using Miracle Gro potting mix feeds plants up to three months. What do you think the problem is ?

  5. Well that's what I was suspecting when I saw the long term release ferts...

    I don't think - I know those long term release ferts are causing the problems you are having.
    They burn the roots of your plants...

    Some (very few) strains get away with that, especially older plants but young ones like yours...see pictures.
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    yeah some of the roots have already burned up and died!should i switch soils? every one says to flush it but how is that possible without over watering??plus i just transplanted them 2 weeks ago and i havent added anything to the soil!like no perlite no nothing! i have only watered them twice! i have alot of spyder mites on them as well.im going in the morning to get the "no pest strips". i have been using dial soap and water until i get the strips!what do you think im not grasping here! i feel so lost!
  7. No - pest strips aren't gonna work against spider mites, period.
    I recommend a Permethrin (Pyrethroid) containing product such as "Eliminator" spray as pictured below. $1.97@ Walmart.
    And before anybody starts to bash that stuff educate yourself about the half times of Permethrin. It cannot be traced 2 weeks after it has been sprayed.
    You could be using something Organic such as Neem oil but - well...that's just farting around IMO.
    Regarding the soil and already burned roots combines with all the other problems you are having...scrap everything you have and ans start new.
    Disinfect the whole room and start new.
    You could re-plant your plants or at least the best looking ones (flushing is NOT gonna play the trick in this case) and hope for the best but they already are severly stunned...:(

  8. SO what you think my babies wont make it noooo..... what you mean re plant them just move them to diffrent pot or diffrent soil. Im not exactly to sure how you switch soils. I dont want to mess up th roots any more then they are or do you mean by transplanting. man im just so confused and dont want to see my babies die. but ya i just went to the store and bought that spay. Can i spray this on my plants. cause these bastards. are taking over it my little plants

  9. I would have to agree.
  10. i would go hydroponics if i where you

  11. I wouldn't if I were dude, right now. The dude's, having a hard enough time, with correct nutrients, soil etc, right now.

    One must learn how to crawl, before the first step, is taken.
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    I have almost the same thing in my hydro setup but they say it's caused by nute burn or pH lock. I have added no nutes and I can't get a table ph to save my soul. The plants have been yellow so long I'm not sure they are still alive.

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  13. Ya man i just dont know what to do. I dont know if my babies could take it if i switched soil and shit. I dont want them to die. Im trying to get these bugs gone. Whats up whats the deal One person told me bug strips are the greatest. He says they suck. Whats going on i dont know who to belive. What should i do i got these little red sucking sluts on the bottom of my plants. I need to get rid of them ASAP. And replant the soil. Can i get a brief walk threw on what to do. What should i switch it to how. When????? THANKS SO MUCH :eek:

  14. They can take it. Sitting there in M.Grow, is doing more harm, than good. Have you ever made your own soil? It's fairly cheap, and is MORE, than sufficient, for your needs. If you want, I can tell you the proper portions, you need of,
    Perlite, Vermiculite, Peat Moss, And Soil ( earth )
  15. YES PLZ! I will rush to the store right now. So i an make this!

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