what to do w/a bag of leafer

Discussion in 'General' started by Burny, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Whats up yall. I have a bag of leafer that has been sitting in the woods for a while and it got a little wet and started growing some mold, or something idunno it is white and it stanks! Does anybody think this is safe to smoke or make cookies out of?

    Hit me back
  2. out of curiousity...why was it outside? in the woods?
  3. My girlfriend lives in the same crib as me and I don't want her to find the shit. Anyways....what would you do?

  4. Throw it away. Smoking mold just doesn't seem like my idea of a good time.
  5. eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww...

    anyway, don't smoke it. maybe if you cooked it (a lot) it would be okay to eat, but you don't wanna inhale that stuff. Oh, it's probly none of my business but I make it a policy not to date anyone that I have to hide something from.
  6. I say go for it. I mean you're smoking pot just to feel different in the first place so why not smoke some mold to the dome? its bound to get you messed up.

    Still mabey you shouldn't take my advise, I'm pretty dumb.

    my freinds cusin said that she knows someone that smoked moldy weed and got sick from it... might be bullshit but why risk it? its just one bag of ganja, not worth hrting your lungs over... wait a second.. i mean.. well, STILL dont do it

  8. smoke mold much?
  9. Obviously, Im guessing so..
  10. if you smoke the moldie dope you mite get the mad cow desise!!!!there is some insanity like disorder that comes from smoking mold on dope
  11. I read In a book that if you take some chron, and bury it in the ground, it will get moldy after like a month, and when you dig it out, it should be the best bud ever!!

    THe book is "Steal This Book" which was written by a hippie in the 60's, so I i dont know if it legit..?

  12. Yea its called ergot poisoning (I think I spelled that right) and it produces hallucinations that have been compared to tripping on LSD. Still I was just kidding about smoking mold, DON'T DO IT!

    "Steal This Book" was written by a hippie in the 60's-
    His name is Abbie Hoffman and if you want to read read the book you can follow this link to it. http://tenant.net/Community/steal/index.html
  13. Dude! I just read that book and it was fuckin awesome :D

  14. I had some BC hydro I had for awhile and I tried to remoisturize it.( I have a secret technique to doing so) but in this instance I added too much H2O and the bud molded. I still smoked it and I was fine but It tasted nasty. I had done a little research before I smoked it and I ran into an article about moldy bud. I don't remember from where but it said to watch out for certain kinds of mold. It told stories of people having thier esophogus close up and people having adverse reactions to the mold. If you are sure about the kind of mold it is then dust it off and smoke it, otherwise don't risk it and just toss it. Some molds are lethal. Mine was not, it also didn't add any effects or anything, just made my hydro taste like ass.
  15. ASS-DRO!!!! wow sounds tastie!!
  16. it's not but it gets the job done *shrug*

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