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  1. Hey guys, I live in the LA area and cant wait until november to vote! Its going to be very interesting to see what kind of bullshit propaganda the government is going to start feeding the people in the coming months. It seems that its a very close call between those who want it legalized and does who want to keep cannabis illegal, it could easily go both ways. We need to start doing something about it right now.

    I really want to start counteracting all that stuff right now, but im not exactly sure where to start. I was thinking of making some phamplets in photoshop (photoshop skills anyone?) and handing them out to those most likely to oppose legalization. The problem is that alot of people are very afraid of change and just pointing out the facts that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol does not sway there opinion much. Tax Cannabis is so far doing a pretty good job informing people about the economic benefits, but i think there should be alot more mainstream focus on the benefits of Hemp, and of course then tie that in to the economic benefits.

    What would be some good information to include? What other approaches can be taken? Do the majority of people just toss the pamphlets anyways? What can i do to help?
  2. first off THATS WHAT SHE SAID

    second the best approach to all this IMO is to wait a couple months like 2, before november so that when you do convince people to vote yes they have less time to change their mind and vote no. if u know what i mean, also dont argue about the benefits argue its not unhealthy becuase if you do mention its benifits most people will just be like " so why does it have to be legal, its alrady availiabe to those with medical problems or some shit like that. Or if you do mention things it can help with , for example back pain and headaches and stuff.

    good luck :D:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  3. start with those close to you (parents, sis,cuz, etc.) that you know are either against it or are unsure. thats what i did with both my rents and they are voting in favor of legalization. just remember though, some people are a lost cause, but keep trying.

  4. hmm good idea. Ive been trying to get my parents on board, and theres still a slight push. I still havent asked them what theyre voting towards but i should. Im assuming theyre voting no, but in the past few months theyve been easing up. I mentioned to my mom that besides her flax seed supplements, she can also eat hemp hearts which contain many essential fatty acids and a shitload of protein. She said she was going to look into it cause she didnt know what "hemp" was. (hispanic parents, so there english vocab is limited) I told her it was nonpsychoactive weed.
  5. yo basically same situation i was in.

    both my parents are full blooded mexicans, though my dad is more of the stereotypical mexican. lived in Los Angeles most of their lives.

    if you want to, you can rent "the union" and watch it with them in subtitles so they can read it if they dont understand the english all to well. what i did that seemed pretty effective was to pause it and explain what is going on, in spanish if you can.
  6. education is power man... the more you know about the topic, the more they will take you seriously. i would say just keep educating them and let them see how obvious it is of why weed should be legal. show them all of the evidence and keep reminding them of the pros and how there aren't any cons. once they are educated and you point out how the drug and alcohol companies will pay the gov't to try to prevent it with advertisement etc, then they will see the bullshit of what the gov't teaches us... let me know if you need any more help, peace
  7. 1: educate. i forgot what golden olden philosopher once said this but understanding of every and any situation is the key to everything
    2: be heard. politicians live off votes. if they think pro legalization voters have the majority thats what they will be targeting

  8. *Include the deaths from Tobacco (400,000), Alcohol (100,000), Aspirin (500), Marijuana (0) - Annually

    *Close down the black market, disband drug cartels/gangs

    *Plummeting crime rates

    Can't think of anymore right now.

    The majority will toss the pamphlets, but the more the better, its more likely that someone else will find it, pick it up and enlighten them

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