what to do to a skunk hermie???

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  1. hey guys, this is the story. Some of my plants are sativas and some other indicas; indicas will and in fact flowered earlier than the sativas. Unluckily 2 out of 4 turned out to be skunk males, onther one is hermie and the last one hasnt show yet. Cant tell how dissapointed i was to be stuck with what appeared to be 3 male skunks and no lady to make seed (i want to have more skunk seed to perpetually grow indica).
    Anyways here in the forum someone was kind enough to share the tip on how to preserve male flowers and then pollinate buds. However this might not be the only way to go since i found out bout my beloved hermie. I somehow think im before the chance to get a bud full of "feminized" seeds (is that right??). On the other hand if i f##k it up ill kick myself, which i prefer not to.
    So the question here besides any tips regarding the situation is as follows: What to do in order to asure the hermie will autopollinate and big time.

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12

    Thats it for now, anythoughts???
  2. I've read about people producing feminized seeds from hermies, but I don't know all the details so I can't help much. Just remember, if you are looking for the plant to pollinate itself, make sure to keep the regular males away from it. Also, if you can get ahlod of another female, you might want to try taking pollen from one of the male sacs on the hermie and pollinating a pure female of the same strain. I forget exactly what the process is, but it is something similar to this for getting feminized seeds. however, people have also said that these seeds were more likely to be hermies when they grow too... however, a lot of the professional feminized seeds you buy will occassionaly show male flowers too, so it might not be any different...
  3. That's exactly what I'd do. You can pollinate itself on one branch and you'll get an assload of seeds or, like Hero said, if you have another female of the same strain, you can pollinate that one. Either way, you'll end up with 99% female seeds. The ones you get from the self pollinated hermie shouldn't give you any hermies within the first generation of seeds - although there is a slight chance for an increase of likelihood that there could be a few.
  4. Can we see a picture of this hermie?

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