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  1. Hi everyone.

    First off i wanna say is this this site is probly the best, i learned so much about growing and such. alot of helping hands out there:) .

    first off whatever gets said is NOT to get attention but rather im looking for some advice from fellow stoners. (this may be long i apologize for it)

    First off i suffer from alot of different mental illnesses. ( bi polar, cronic depression, multiple personalities, ( thats always fun ha), Cutting ect. for most of my life i have used marijuana to calm my pain, stop the cutting. and ease my mental illnesses. im not even stable to stay at work unless i even smoke weed.

    I have been on dozens on medicines and nothing really works for me. i have something that causes medicine to do the opposite on me. its weird i forget the name.
    sadly enough i have no social skills so i have no friends so i cant even buy any pot. this one guy charges me like 50 bucks just for him to even sell me pot and the stuff is complete shit!. SO.. i was thinking of growing it. my mom and dad are all for me growing a few plants ( about 4) just for personal use. Frankly i cant handle jail. im also not stupid to get caught heh. ive never been busted ever. lmao even my therapist said i should smoke :rolleyes: . this sucks and i dont know what to do.. ive tried so many things in this world to try to stabalize myself but marijuana is the only thing that seems to balance out my brain..at this point all i do is spend all my money on marijuana, and i just cant deal with using my whole paycheck. i was actually thinking of moving to amsterdam where i can be free and wont have to worry about not getting pot as u all know there u can buy them in the coffee shops. problem lies is my family is here and i dont really know what i would do without them. its really scary. SO ill try not to ramble on anymore. what would u guys do? Move to amsterdam or grow pot.Hell i doubt theyll let me move to europe my mom freaks out if i dont see her every week lol :) i live in NY (usa). Again dont want anyones sympathy but rather some advice from you guys. What would U do in my situation:eek:

    Peace and love.
  2. Umm....well from those 2 choices I would grow...
  3. you could get a cannabis club card if ur in one of the few states that allow it
  4. uh, if your parents will let you grow, then why dont you just grow?
  5. Wow, if your parents give you the go then grow away my friend! The first plants you grow will be your experiments, they might not turn out that great but i've heard growing is addictive and soon youll be perfecting your technique and growing dank buds.
  6. I dont think he said that he lived with his parents. I think that he just saw them often. If that is the case why not move to a state that is near new york, ie vermont or another state that has medical options for you to grow or purchase from clubs. If you move close enough you could A. Have the medical pot and B. Be able to see your parents.

    I dont want to say that you shouldnt move to Amsterdamn but it is a huge step. I mean you are on another side of the world away from everyone you know. I am also not saying that you are unstable, but you do have a complicated list of medical issues and I do not think that moving away farther than a few hours or so from your family and therapist is going to be good for you.

    Where in NY do you live by the way? Well best of luck to you.
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    hi thanks for the reply. i have never heard of the cannibus club card. i will have to look into it:devious:
  8. Lol yea i heard it is addictive, at least from what ive read.
  9. Right now i live in New york long island, if im not mistaken we dont have medical marijuana yet. but we are the next to get it.And not sure about this club card but the only ppl who will probly get it are ppl who are about to die with cancer and stuff, which i think is major fucked up.. esp if you hold the fact it takes months just to grow just decent bud. Yay i get 1 harvest and im dead.... Fucking govt pisses me off :smoking:

    Also youre right i think amsterdam would be a horrible idea, i cant take care of myself yet and God only knows what kind of trouble i can get into over there hehe.

  10. Well I didnt mean smoking it was addictive, i meant growing it, in a good way :p

    But what state do you live in? (to know if theres a medical program where u live)
  11. man, Vermont seems perfect for you. it really does. layed back, no1 gives a shit whats wrong with you ( probally sounds bad, but can't word it any other way, don't mean it bad) and EVERYONE (cops included) smoke bud. its decently cheap (25-35 eighth) and readilly available EVERYWHERE.

    also, there's places to grow everywhere as well. vermont is like 90 % woods and forest and is easy to find a plot. i'm starting my first grow this week actually. after the winter season ends, its beyond nice out and if you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. housing is decently cheap, but there's obviously other ways around it.
  12. What to do *high*

    Oh, wait. whatever the fuck I want! *doritos*

  13. hehe i meant growing it too, ive been smoking for 10 years and never have i felt like i was addicted:)

    i live in the state of new york (long island)
  14. Grow man! that would be so fun. Welcome to GrassCity!
  15. Vermont huh, i might just look into it. i really need to get off this island theres no way i can actuually afford an apartment.

    25-35 an eight? thats cheap, but than again the only person that i can get bud off of , thinks im a moron and sells me cheap ass shit for almost twice the amount i should be. well no more i decided to grow :D . at least if i grow i know exactly what im smoking and itll be real good :devious:
  16. Thanks for the welcoming =)

    grabbing some supplies first hopefully ill get started with some bag seed in a week or two.
  17. Damn, Lebowski, the guy posted it twice already! Stop puffin' and get with the program! :D :D :D
  18. yeah dude if it makes that much of an impact grow a few plants. as onlg as they arent obvious from a public veiw your fine. and remeber to sear the differences between male and female and kill off the males before too much time goes by. they will make your flowers very seedy.

    good luck and welkcome to gc! :hello:

  19. zzzZZZzzzZZZzz**huh ack what? who?

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