what to do? scrog bad seed male/female

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  1. I am starting another grow but only have bag seed (over 80 seeds). (Takes months to receive online orders where I am).

    I have a 3.5 x 3.5 ft tent and a 400w hps/MH. 400 MH for veg and 400 HPS +200 CFL for flower.

    I do ScrOG grows, this will be my first grow without using feminized seeds though.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how i should go about starting a ScrOG with mulitple plants and not knowing if the plants will be female or not. I want to go into flower using all of my area and only with females? By the time i switch to flower my screen is usually 80% full.
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  2. I think the only thing you need to do is sex out a few nice females and run your scrog as usual.
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    Only Scrog females. You're screwed if one comes out male. Hopefully its not to late by the time you discover it and it hasn't released pollen. When I buy regular seeds I do a non Scrog run 1st and find females to clone.
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  4. thanks,

    was thinking i may germinate a few and when old enough to clone put the clones directly in 12/12 from flower and determine the sex. Then continue growing the mothers that are female and flower.
  5. You're going to have to wait until they're about 8+ weeks old until you can sex them before starting to tie them up into a scrog if you don't have "for sure" females to start out with. That's as soon as they show sex without throwing them into flower. TWW
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  6. Months to get seeds...like me learn to make ur own

    all you need is to stress the heck outta a current female, (go 12x12 and alt 24/0)
    nanner will form collect the hermie' pollen apply to a mature female, in time the seeds grow out, collect the seeds

    VIP: those new seeds are feminized, rough but ready guide to femming plants

    good luck
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  7. making the plant a hermie wouldnt make hermie seeds?
  8. Close: but no!
    back in the day herming a plant for fem seeds as above was seen as a cheap dirty affair,
    but with the greed of the canna market growing larger than the canna world itself, this is seen as a standard breeding technique by many in 'merica these days, very few 'horticulturists would know what a XX female is ....lol
    indeed to make feminized seeds via this method, requires you to sacrifice/herm a Female plant..
    google for more ..lol
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  9. You don't have to stress a female out to get her to give you some female seeds and some pollen that you can use on other females to produce more female seeds. Really all you have to do is let her go a few weeks past her harvest and she will make you some female seeds and the pollen from those nanners can be used on other female plants to make more female seeds. What I do, I harvest most all my plant, then I leave 4 - 5 of the popcorn stems alone, then I just keep flowering her, and you will sooner or later, within (2) weeks or so, see nanners appear. On or right below those popcorn bud sites. Those will always be female seeds and the pollen from those nanners will always make female seeds...
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  10. awesome. thanks for the info
  11. Bag seeds tend to always be female for me. Just got a watch they dont throw stamens. A few is ok in my book but i have popped some unstable deathstar seeds that were nanner city and a NIGHTMARE in my room

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