what to do! no job, car, life..

Discussion in 'General' started by flyinhigh90, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. So today when I was really baked i was just sitting there thinking about shit and it hit me, everyone i know has a job, car, girlfriend and plans for the future and there bitching about how shitty their life is. Then theres me, no job, no vehicle, no plans for anything. It feels like im literally going nowhere. Everyone has moved on since highschool and im stuck being a waste. I cant get a job because of my record and rep, I have tried every place in town hiring, and my license was suspended for 3 years, well the license that i never had. I was going to join the army to atleast do something, but I got rejected because of some stupid crimes that were suppose to be expunged 5 years ago :mad: Does anyone else feel like this? I feel like such a worthless piece of shit :(
  2. how old are you, man
  3. thats a tough spot to be in, but youve gotta keep looking. search around online for jobs. whatevers on your record, its not totally bad bc it kept you out of the army.
  4. theres always someone who's in a worse situation, at least you arent sitting in a 8x8 cell for 23 hours a day.

  5. dude im in a similar situation so i decided to go to community college.
  6. i'm in a similar situation, i don't have the money to register my car and had to move back into my parents house because i lost my job when my boss died. it'll get better man, and if not, just think, we only gotta make it to '12 ;)
  7. move to a different city, start semi-all over again " brand new "
  8. Im going to be 19 in a couple months. My record is pretty bad, i was scum back in the day. I have 5 felonies that im not proud of. Breaking and entering, resisting arrest, grand larceny, computer "hacking" which was just click click delete but you know how that goes, and fleeing or evading police. I was a complete moron then but have stopped doing ANYTHING that will get my in trouble. But in this small town my reputation only gets me nowhere. I really dont know what to do, i feel like i should be doing something with my life but dont have very many options. And I cant afford college anyway. I had plans on a trade school for welding but thats not happening anytime soon :(

    -and swisher, thats what I want to do. But its not very realistic right now, I have no money, no car, no job, and no idea how to start out.
  9. Dude don't worry your not the only fucker out there with this problem. I am in the same boat.

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