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what to do in this situation?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smoke Papers, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. i got to university but i moved back home for the summer (only a couple weeks until i go back to school thank god) so it's been a little more difficult to smoke because of my parents.

    so i was grinding up some weed in my room before i left for work, and i have pretty dank weed so i guess my room smelled after, and as i was leaving my dad was like "nice hash smell" which caught me pretty off guard (i don't have hash but i guess my dad associated the smell with it) so i was just like "what?" so he repeated himself.. i didn't really know what to do (my parents don't know i smoke) so i decided to reply with "what's that?" trying to play dumb.

    after i told him that the smell was probably my friends cigars that he left in my room. my dad recognized the smell and i've heard from family members and him that he smoked pot when he was younger.. but i still tried to hide the fact that i smoke.

    what would you guys have done in this situation? taken the opportunity to come out about smoking weed? my parents thought i did it before when i actually didn't, and they told me they didn't want me doing it, so that's why i played stupid.. but after this happened i was thinking about it and thought that my dad was making the subtle comment to hint that he knew i had pot and maybe he wanted some of it? haha i don't know, my mom wasn't around at the time and my mom had a bad experience with pot (from her story what she had was laced) so i thought he might have possibly been throwing the idea out there.

    i already know that i know my parents better than you guys do, but what are your thoughts?
  2. it seems to me like your parents are chill about weed, and maybe theyre the ones hiding it from you. after your dad said nice hash smell, its certain hes fine with you blazin
  3. don't do anything, your dad is atleast chill about it who knows about your mom. Just go on about normal life and act like that comment never happened. When I was like 16 me and my friend smoked all the time at her house, her dad knew we just all kinda ignored it.
  4. yea sounds like he was lookin to score,
    or atleast break the wall between you two (even if he has his own) to blaze with ya.
    take advantage of this and have an awesome next two weeks dude!!

  5. thanks man, that's what i was thinking too. i won't within the next two weeks, but at some point i will. we don't have a really close relationship and i know both my parents want a better relationship with me, and given my current situation it would make a lot of sense for my dad to try and break the barrier.

  6. I see nothing bad in telling just your dad that you blaze. He might want to with you or he might tell your mom (why not tell him not to :p). Have a talk with him, but bring it up in the middle of something else.... :)
  7. Don't do anything dude just play it off. Act like nothing happened. I guarantee you your parents are chill or they would have yelled at you. A similar thing happened to me. I left a bag of weed, a pipe, a bunch of tobacco, and a grinder on the table and my dad just walked in and said, "nice set-up you got here" and just left. And he hasn't brought it up since then or told my mom.
  8. my parents are pretty chill, they have been for a while. i'm 19 now but they've been cool for a couple years. my mom smoked weed back in the day too, so it's not like my moms a nazi or anything they're both chill, but i feel like my dad is a little more chill about the situation.. you know how dads are.
  9. My parents have caught the smell more than once, about 6 times if i can remember..they still dont know i smoked, but they questioned the shit out of me.
  10. Only one option
    Kill your parents!
  11. if you are 18 then be like, hell yeah i smoke, its the best, because you are a legal adult and weed is safer than drinking. take a stand for what you love and don't live in fear or hiding anymore, come out as a pot smoker and be proud of it
  12. If he is familiar enough with cannabis to identify a "good hash smell", you should have little problem with your Dad. (I am assuming that your grades are good and all that, and you act in a responsible manner.)

    If your parents have any medical conditions, a MMJ study can provide a way to break the ice. "Hey, Dad, look at what I found goofing around on the net!" Then show him, maybe-

    Low dose oral cannabinoid therapy reduces progression of atherosclerosis in mice (full - 2005)
    Low dose oral cannabinoid therapy reduces progression of atherosclerosis in mice : Article : Nature

    Simpler version for you to read first! ;)

    Science: THC slows development of atherosclerosis in animal study
    (news - 2005)
    International Association for Cannabis as Medicine

    Chances are, I have a study on whatever you need! Just click that first link in my sig! :yay:

    I would say that Dad has toked more than one joint in his life, and if you bring it up right, you may end up lighting one up with Dad! Have something "tasty" for the occasion! :smoke:

    My Mom and I toked a few times- it was fun! I had some lovely flowery-flavored Columbian! ;) Mom and her best friend were both digging the "Vanilla Fudge's" music and rocking to the beat! lol :D

    Granny :wave:
  13. Dude smoke your dad out he obviously knows his shit it's perfect. I just started university also bro and i can blaze in front of my folks all the time now, welcome to adult hood enjoy your stay :).

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