What to do in Denver this week

Discussion in 'General' started by Project ICE, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. We drove out from Jersey and are sleeping in our car. What can we do all week? Free things if possible. We hit up the 420 tour and the bazaar today but we have a few more days left. We plan on staying until the 20th for the first colorado cup but if there are other things going on we can totally stay.
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  2. First Colorado cup? It's been going down for a few years since they legalized recreational. I was under the impression that they actually cancelled the Denver cup and are just doing the awards show (which is actually why I didn't go this year). Last year was BOMB. You have to check out the top floor sky bar at the Hyatt in downtown. Red rocks park just out of Denver is beautiful too. The rocks were so big and monstrous it tripped my depth perception out. There's an amphitheater built into the structures and it's beautiful. See if they're playing any concerts the next couple nights while you're there. It's a must do. Other than that, hitting as many different dispensaries as you can would be on my list...
    Always is.
    I wanted to check out the coors brewery (biggest in the U.S.) but wasn't able to. There's also many micro breweries around that'll tickle your palette if you're a beer person.

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  3. If you have the money and it's not already sold out; Method Man, Redman, Raekwon, and Ghostface are playing a 420 show in Denver. I'd sure as shit be there if I was in Colorado
  4. Head a few miles west into the suburbs where the mountains begin and go hiking.
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  5. Yeah, check out Red Rocks in Morrison. It's incredible.
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