What to do if you OD on cocaine

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. First off I know this isn't cokecity.com don't come in my thread saying how much you hate the stuff just leave if you don't like it...

    I have had a friend OD on coke he injected it (way back before I ever touched the stuff) so I called my dad asked him what to do (my dad is a doctor) and he told me this



    can't keep still




    high body temp

    What to do:

    Check pulse if under 115 try the following if over 115 seek medical attention ASAP (if you do not know how to check someone pulse http://www.strokeheart.org/CYPA/check.html)

    Keep the person cool as you can use ice packs, frozen peas, cold water, fan whatever just keep them cooled down

    If you have Diazepam Valium, Diastat, Zetran) give 20mg orally this should slow down the heart rate or if you have Lorazepam/Clonazepam give 1mg

    1mg of Lorazepam/Clonazepam=20 mg of Valium so only give 1mg of Lorazepam/Clonazepam

    Acetaminophen will also help cool the body down (Not sure on the dose I will ask my dad tomorrow)

    Keep checking pulse make sure it does not go over 115

    The Diazepam should lower heart rate within 20 mins depending on when the last time the person ate

    If it does not lower plus rate you can try one last effort of 10mg more of Valium the longer you wait the more the persons chance of dieing increases Most cocaine overdoses that come in the ER are Tachycardia (heart rate greater than 100 beats per minute) and are treated with Valium and Acetaminophen (also found in Hydrocodone Vicodin ect.) if pulse is over 115 don't even give them anything call 911 and keep them as cool as you can

    when someone comes back from a cocaine overdose you must keep them calm the way we did this when my best friend oded (injected it :s) was smoke some weed after giving him 10mg of Diazepam (all we could get) he returned to a semi normal state after about 2 hours after first overdosing his heart rate was 111 beats per minute right after oding went to 98 30 mins after giving it (not sure on the exact time we were in such a rush trying to keep him from dieing)

    So its 7am and im wired off my ass on some blow so I thought I would post this ill edit it when I wake up im sure I fucked some shit up
  2. Good advice, having a doctor in the family is always handy. I know a lot of people who have overdosed on a whole bunch of shit, and some have died. At least now if it happens in my presence I'll have an idea of what I can do to help until I can get proper help!
  3. Good info man... even if this saves one persons life, its worth it. That would be some scary shit ODing on anything, luckily Iv never gotten that far and don't plan to (obviously), but there have been times where I thought I was dieing when I was fucked up and I was freaked the fuck out without a doubt...

    and ill take 30mg of Valium, I don't need to be ODing on anything :D

  4. exactly man its something most people don't know and should

    lol! me too
  5. thats why I stay away form coke, but to each their own, still thakns for posting im sure it could come in handy.
  6. damn, dont you think that 20mg of lorazepam is a bit excessive?
  7. ive seen my buddy OD just from sniffin so much raw...

    it wasn't pretty at all.

    but he lived so alls well that ends well.
  8. Eh, not really. See, your goal is to calm the person down and that would defiantly do the trick... but then if you have Vicodin at hand when this happens then that would be best, only because Diazepam, Lorazepam, Valium, Benzodiazepine, Diastat and Zetran are a bit harder to find... but its better to be prepared for the worst then be shit out of luck.

    To head4life: +rep Great info dude.
  9. GC should defiantly have a place for info like this, it could really come in handy

    good info +rep
  10. thanks for the rep guys

    every IV cocaine user should keep valium no matter what in case of emergency hell any cocaine user should keep some around but if your like me if you got them your gonna take them OD or not :p

  11. ... Every IV cocaine user should re-evaluate what they're doing. IMHO, if you gotta shoot shit up to get your high, you're in a pretty shitty mental state.

    But, good information head4life. I've OD'd myself, and seen it happen to a couple people. It's shitty to watch, and is a total high-kill. People need to just use some caution.

    I hope you reconsider if you're Mainlining coke. Addiction is a bitch, and Mainlining coke will lead to an addiction quicker than nearly anything else. I would cut coke use back to weekend use at MOST. Thanks for the information dude, it's a handy thing to know.
  12. More like stopping their heart. Unless you have a very high benzo tolerance, 20mg of Lorazepam can have some seriously bad effects. It's the most powerful benzo, aside from Clonazepam. 20mg of Diazepam, however, should do the trick.

    Remember, 1mg of Lorazepam/Clonazepam = 20mg of Diazepam.
  13. Good call. A move from one extreme to another is DEFINITLY not a good thing. Just calming a person down is the first step to helping.
  14. Dont mess with that stuff shit will ruin your life
  15. Good job at shitting on dude's thread. Take your naive opinion elsewhere.

  16. oh wow didnt know that k ill edit it sorry been awhile :p

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