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What to do if you are walked in on?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AtoFtw, Feb 20, 2016.

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    If I am toking in my room (or friends room), or anywhere else, and somebody walks in on me, what am I supposed to do/say instead of blubbering like an idiot? I might need this information for the future!

  2. [​IMG]Take off pants and hope for the best
    cheers [​IMG]
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    Ask them if they want a toke, there's nothing to be lost at that point!

    Seriously though you shouldn't be tokeing in someones house if they are against it. Maybe shove everything under the bed rq or under the sheets. Stay calm thats the major thing, try to keep yourself out of these situations op.

    Take it eazy be safe and welcome to the city fellow blade.

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  4. Jump out the nearest window and run like crazy

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  5. thats a pretty good catch all to cover most situations.
  6. Do the Naked Man !
  7. Just say you're rehearsing for a play at the newly air conditioned Blanford Recreational Center. Works every time.
  8. Not much you can do, just be honest. Best advice would be to avoid these situations all together.
  9. burn all the evidence, destroy all the phones, and moonwalk out the door like a BOSS

    *Selected Stoner Handbook Edition
  10. Stop, drop and rolll.
  11. Maintain eye contact, establish dominance, and finish your bowl/j/whatever,
  12. Start masturbating furiously and start screaming

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  13. Why this! Of course!!

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  14. Cover up with the speed of the typical Fresno tweaker.
  15. If you hitting a joint and someone walks in, let go nd swallow that shit. If you're ripping a bong with a zip on the table then you're fucked.

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  16. If they ask you what your doing tell them "I'm burning one" or "having a number" or "would you like to partake". If they are unhappy with you - "Sorry I didn't realize what I am doing is affecting you, I'll step outside" If they still have a problem after that then they are a prick

  17. Tell them you're a medical marijuana patient. Not to be disrespectful to actual medical marijuana users, but this occasionally does work in these kinds of situations. You just need a story prepared beforehand in case questions arise.
  18. Hit the blunt

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  19. tell them to mind their own business and continue on
  20. Say, turn around and walk out! I'm on pot! I may kill you!!!!


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