What to do if landlord is trying to enter apartment?

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    Hey guys so heres the goink. I'm a medical patient and marijuana is legal in my state, I have a 600 watt hps grow going on right now, the plants are flowering and only need two more weeks till they're fully mature.
    However I got a notice saying my landlord insists on entering my place to install carbon monoxide detectors due to new laws in my state. Before I panic and try to walk out my place with 5 bushes of kush, is there any way around this? I could totally buy carbon monoxide detectors and tell them "I've had my own for a while now no need to worry." or something like that. The notice did say they'll enter within 48 hours unless I contact them with a reason not to but how long could I actually put it off? I think I'm looking at an early harvest if there's no way out.


    Any information/advice would be much appreciated.

  2. That's why you don't grow in apartments unless you have your landlords consent. Your boned because he can face penalties for not installing those CO detectors so you probably won't be able weasel out of it.
  3. Get the plants out.

    Good luck
  4. Is it not legal to grow where you are.
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    If you mean my state then yes its legal for me to grow and possess cannabis with a doctors recommendation. It is also legal to possess cannabis if you're over 21 years old regardless if you're a patient or not. If you mean in an apartment complex then ye thats why I made this thread.

    Thanks for the help guys looks like I gotta get them out of there, is there really no way to stall a week or two?
  6. Ok i see, i live in England so i dont know the cannabis laws fully in the states.

    I didnt know you need consent from the landlord, i thought if its legal then you can grow, like you wouldnt need consent to grow basil cos it is a legal herb :rolleyes:

    If you say you are going on holiday for two weeks will he just gain access without you there, or will he respect the fact that its your private space and wait for you to return.
  7. Ring them and see what the situation is.
    Say you've had them installed for a while now yourself, but if they want to come over and install their own what they would suit them?

    Atleast then you know a time they shall come if he does decide to come. And well just pick up a cheap carbon monoxide alarm and put it in your living room or something so he's not wondering where your ones are when he does come over :p

    You could hide all the plants in your bathroom. . . there isnt going to be a carbon monoxide alarm in their, and have your friend over for a long shower when they are getting installed xD

  8. What if he wanted to use the toilet, lol. Op would be fucked.

  9. Oh shit I like the way you think! That just may be my way out of this, thank you very much!
  10. It may work but he may say how long is your mate going to be im busting, haha.

  11. It's a risky one but I think we'll give it a test. I'll post tomorrow and let you guys know what happens.
  12. Installing carbon monoxide alarms shouldn't take more than two mins unless he's wiring them up the mains for electricity. He may even pop in and just give you two of the alarms with battery's in it.
    And if it requires wiring to the mains for electricity, he wont be doing it I can assure you - an electrician will be. Then the case of lock all plants in your bathroom and you look busy on your laptop for a while, he asks to use the bathroom "Oh its blocked at the moment, I've a plumber coming tommorow, theirs a Costa/McDonalds down the road, sorry"

  13. I like it, it will work. He cant use the toilet if you dont let him.

  14. It's still illegal federally so I'm pretty sure the landlord would have to consent because technically the DEA could barge in at any minute, it would be considered a drug factory and the landlord would lose his property to the government.
  15. I see, this shit confuses the fuck out of me, its legal but still illegal.

    Im going to find a link that explains how state and federal law works if anybody has a good one that explains it please show me.
  16. Yeah it's a really fucked up subject right now which is why the federal goverment needs to just give in. Problem is they make more money in payouts from allowing a set amount of smuggling in by the cartels than they would off taxes from legalizing it. I'm sure most the confiscated weed is sent to labs and if passed as quality resold to other countries or companies who have a market for it.
  17. I agree with this, it would be like throwing money away, they wouldn't do that.
  18. Federal ALWAYS Triumphs State Laws.....
  19. So if you are Legal state-wide than you cant get in trouble by say any local police..but if any Federal Agencies like FBI or DEA come into the picture YOUR FUCKED
  20. Exactly our local and state police are supposed to follow whatever the state law is, although there is probably a loop hole where a federal agency can have them go against state law if necessary, supposedly there is a state cop is California who shuts the "legal" dispenceries and claims federal law don't know if it's true or if they hold up in court.

    Any federal agency no matter what state law is can go in and search and seize as long as they have a proper investigation with evidence and search warrants. So if you give them reason to break your balls they can and probably will.

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