What to do if a 13 year old girl is obsessed with me?

Discussion in 'General' started by OhNoMyJimmies, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Feels weird bro I need advice. She stalks my facebook n shit commenting on all my photos. I talked to her brother but he just said she'll get over me. Never had a girl hit on me that hard. I'm down for younger woman but 3 years is max. I'm 21 btw
  2. "introduce" her to one of your other friends
  3. Well your obviously gonna have to fuck it out of her system.
  4. Really simple, block her
  5. That would hurt her feelings and I'm not gonna do that

    The fuck
  6. If you really want it too stop just tell her parents about it. Either she will stop or probably something worse. Only one way to find out.
  7. Well, assuming you don't wanna go to jail, ignore her.
  8. Has to be trolling 0/10
  9. Why would I be trolling I'd feel like a dick if I block her.
  10. ah shes young shell be after someone else in a few weeks, just be nice to her, a girls confidince is very fragile at that age, dont be a dick to her.
    if she goes proper psycho on you then talk to her bro again or maybr her parents but she probably just thinks youre cool cos ur older, im sure she knows nothing is actually gonna happen between the two of you
  11. if you're not gonna block her then ignore her. simple.
  12. Dont forget to change her diaper after you fuck her
  13. Crush her little heart
  14. i think you already know what must be done...
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  15. lmfao you guys are fucked in the head i love this place though ahahaha

  16. LMFAO holy shit!
  17. Grow some stones and tell the little yamp to fuck off.:mad:
  18. call her in as a sexual predator/stalker...call the police...you need protection before you come home to a pet boiling in a pot...
  19. I belive you can secretly block anything you post or comment on from certain people w/o deleting them as friends.

    This way she is still friends w/ you but cant see anything you do....Or just delete her to make things easy, who cares if she finds it rude. Shes 13 why do you care what she thinks?

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