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  1. Talking with someone lit a fire under my butt to try autos.

    I have a spare tent (2lx3wx5h)
    I have for lights:
    1 HLG100 (96W)
    2 x HiGrow UFO 50W (100W)
    1 HiGrow Bendy 50W

    246W total

    I can reduce the tent down further to a 2x2 if needed or leave the wall out and run it as a 2x3

    I was just about to germ my auto White Widow freebies from Seedsman, then it dawned on me, "these aren't marked as feminized"

    I suppose I should start 2, hope for 2 females, and if I only get 1, reduce the tent to a 2x2 and remove a couple lights. If I get 0, I have 2 more seeds.

    It just baffles me.....who would want a male auto, and why wouldn't feminized autos be an industry standard?

    Do people typically get females with autos or should I be looking for fem autos in the future as a given?

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  2. I was under the impression that autos are always feminized too. Guess not -- there's all sorts of regular auto seeds out there!

    I've got a regular WW growing now, along with a regular headbandXsour diesel and a regular Sour Diesel. I had a regular African blend growing too, but it was too scrawny so I yanked it. Last year I grew some regular Panama too... all photoperiod.

    The drill is the same though. Grow the seed until you can sex it and if it's male either throw it out or possibly put it back into veg and keep it as a clone father. (Not much use unless you intend to be a breeder.) A third alternative is to isolate the plant and grow it for hashplant, though I wouldn't take that kind of risk (pollinating females) for that kind of reward (some hash).
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  3. Yeah I won't be pissing with males for any longer than it takes me to say "die fucker.....it's just me and the ladies in this house!" Haha!!

    Problem with autos is you lose the whole cloning option. Once a plant is mature, it will start to flower regardless. That's my understanding at least. Logically, seems right.

    I guess seeing I can adapt the tent as needed, I'll just go ahead and do it. See what happens!

    I haven't seen a (true) male in 15+ yrs I bet.
  4. Last year I grew three Panama plants -- two turned out male. I was gutted. But as it turns out It's 7 months later and I still have a couple ounces of it left. lol

    I was just checking the Sour D in the tent... I'm hoping I'm not deluding myself, but I think I see a pistil forming! I hope so... it's a really hardy little bastard... er, bitch... I hope...!
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  5. Get fem. autos next time....yes there are regular auto packs for those who choose to breed

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  6. I guess so. I have yet to really dive into breeding, rather just hunt for the best phenos of strains I can find and 'mother' them.

    I will do that, thanks. These were free so I can't complain.

    That sucks about the Panama's. Must have been a good yielder that one though!
  7. It's too late now anyways....they're in the paper towel, on a Saran wrapped plate, on top of my amplifier. I should see tongues tomorrow sometime!
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    The default for autos is fem. You have to specify if you want non fem auto seeds. Only a few breeders offer non fem autos. Most likely they are not autos. Look those free seeds right in the mouth before planting. Space is not unlimited and $10 fills it with what you want. They make nice gifts.
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  9. Yeah they were freebies. I got 4 individual auto White Widow seeds from The Vault with a purchase. I will definitely look for fem auto and save myself the headache if I try auto again after this. Thanks man.
  10. I asked the same question on another board last week and got called a noob, lol.

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  11. Haha! Bastards. That wasn't nice.

    I just never even thought about doing autos even with these seeds sitting here
  12. I never could see the practical side of running autos indoors...All those extra hours of running the lights,air conditioners, humidifiers/ De-humidifiers, etc...My electric bill kills me, with only 12 hrs of lights on...
    Someone enlighten me,please...
  13. I think it's all those extra hours of growth. You're growing bud for 16 hrs a day.
    That's my basic understanding. Definitely something new for me.

    I just get bored some days. My mom tent is in the same room as my flower tent so I am limited to going in there during flower hours, once I've decided to flip them.

    Will be nice to just go and look at a plant any time of the day lol!!
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  14. Same not a fan of autos if I spend all the effort, time , money, I want it to be exactly the size and shape I want before flowering and I want time to tweak it before flower
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  15. That's my concern....not being able to keep it short and in control. White Widow tends to be a short, stout plant though, at least the ones I've seen so hopefully it's ok
  16. If my White Widow tops 2 feet I'll be surprised. Definitely short and stout!
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  17. Photos sit in a dark room taking up space for 12 hours a day. How is that efficient? My little autos work 24 hours a day until they work themselves to death in 110 days. But then again, if efficiency was my goal, the first thing I would do is eliminate all pot. Free auto seeds are ok because you can squeeze them in, but free photos with an auto order is cruel.
    At anyrate, in a side by side, photo wins every time on just about everything. Yet I still grow autos, so there must be something about them that doesn't show up on the chart.
    Autos for me have a very high EF (Enjoyment Factor.)

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