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  1. ok i need some help!!

    i got my 5 plants 4weeks into flowering 2in 5L pots and 3 in 3L pots .. and its getting very crowded in my small growing space..

    all my pots have rots comming out the holes..

    and the leaves are getting yellow and they seem to be growing very slow at this time

    thats prob because they have to little pots right?

    so what should i do?
    i can take 2-3 plants and just killem so i can put the ones left in bigger pots and they will grow better , so will the help my yield?

    or should i just let them be and hope for the best , i got no chance in hell getting any larger pots in my grow room if i dont take 2-3 plants out..

    btv im not using any ferts for flowering
  2. when you say litre pots....do you really mean litre or gallon..........the smallest you want to use is a 3 gallon pot, that's approx 15litres if my memory serves me well..........hence if they are in 3 litre pots, they must be very rootbound.............and especially 4 weeks into flowering, what height are the plants?...........i'd re-pot, the lot into bigger pots.......but it will cause a lot of stress at this stage, and they may not survive..................or you could just hope for the best and continue flowering!............how well developed are the buds?.........a pic or 2 would be handy............Peace out........Sid
  3. Your plants ar very rootbound!Wich means your roots have eaten up all the soil and are in a very tight ball!Leaves are yellowing due to nutrient deficiencys(caus of no soil or little soil left to hold ferts) I would say to repot, If you don't have the room to give them all new bigger pots then i would suggest something that may not work for everyone every time,But it worked for me in the same or close to the same situation!

    Ok so here it is I got a long rectangular box,I took plastic sheeting and Covered the insides of the box very well.Then i took styrafoam & that stuff that they use to put fake flowers into(it is a hard yet fragile kind of foam)The name of it illudes me right now!Well I crumbled up the 2 foams and then put plastic sheeting over that and cut holes in it for drainage!Then i filled up the box with soil,leaving room for the plants to be put in.
    See by using a big box and just putting all of them in the same container you save room.But this is only what i did and i can't say it will work for you!The experts always say not to put more than one plant per container,cause the roots can get tangeled together and choke each other!

    You should be using some ferts like miracle-grow bloom booster 10-52-10 or something high in P and low in N while flowering! If you are worried about the tast just stop ferting about 2 weeks before harvest and goto straight distilled water!
  4. some bads pics

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  5. the first was my mango , this is all

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  6. the ferts to flower cant be found in my town ive been to every place they sell plants and shit like that...

  7. You should be able to goto kmart or walmart and get miracle grow powder that is 15-30-15.If not just go to www.miracle-grow.com and order it!

    If that don't work search for indoor gardening shops online!
  8. there is no kmart or walmart in norway

    and miraclegro.com/ is down...

    theres just no luck for me these days
  9. try getting a fert from a garden centre...........try to look for "african violet" fert........it has an N-P-K of 12-36-14, well the stuff i have is..........maybe get lucky.......Peace out...........Sid

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