What to do for my 21st birthday!?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pauly420, May 9, 2011.

  1. So I will be turning 21 in a week and a half and i still dont really have plans for my birthday. Obviously i will be getting completely belligerent that night, but im not sure what to do, i live in a suburb so i will have to have transportation to and from town. I don't really want to get 30 people together and a bus because thats just not how i am. Anyone have any ideas or would like to tell me what they did for their 21st bday. I know its just like every other day but I want to make this special, mostly becuase its my golden birthday ;)
  2. i didnt drink one sip of alcohol on my 21st

    ate some unmentionables instead (see username), GREAT nite, dont regret it one bit
  3. i didnt figure out what i was doing on mine till the night before, what i did is just have a good dozen friends over and we all drank and smoked pot. the best part was i was already home so i could pass out whereever
  4. Im 20, turn 21 in March. Im just going to get some friends together and go to all the places you can't go unless your 21. Clubs, bars, whatever.
  5. Go to a stripclub, get wasted, kidnap and rape a stripper. Perfect 21st birthday party.
  6. Is 21 a special age or something in America?
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    It's the legal drinking age
  8. Wow that's pretty old for a legal drinking age.
    Is it just hard liquor or beer too?

  9. sounds like the best plan so far!

    stripclub is added to my lists of things to do
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    Not really. And yes, all alcohol
  11. It's both. Everyone drinks before they are 21 tho, that's just the age you can buy it.
  12. Pretty much rely on your friends, if they are good friends they'll take care of it. My birthday is in a few weeks (May 27) and my plan is pretty much getting wasted at midnight on May 26, there's a bar that's a 10 minute walk from our apartment complex so a few of us will head down there and drink. Then on my actual birthday I'll go out at night on a bar crawl most likely, but I have no idea what's planned for me lol
  13. Gettin' laid would be at the top of my list.
  14. in Europe you can drink if u can see over the counter lol

    on my 21st I bought a bottle of black cherry rum which I drank to the face, got a couple grams of kush, one of my (now ex)friend's brought a quarter pound of regs over.
  15. vegas baby. that's what my plan is.
  16. pregame, cab, rest is history
  17. I will probably end up going out to eat with a few people before the festivities start, and we will begin drinking at eather a mexican resturant or a steak house, i havnt decided yet. Then going to the bars to meet up with some friends and drink the night away, the possibly fuck my x from highschool. And maybe the strip club after that :p
  18. Either go to your local Applebee's/Chilli's and get completely wasted on watered down mixed drinks and onion blossoms, then hit the shitty local bar and try to hook up with whatever chick doesn't look familiar from high school. Orrrrrr....

  19. go to las vegas, it's pretty sick over there
  20. I would love to go to vegas, but no one i know has the money to go and i dont want to go alone, and my parents dont drink so thats kind of lame, so they couldnt go, im planning to go in a few years when i can drop hella bills.

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