What to do, Buy or Build a ebb and flow hydroponic system

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by -DoPeMan-, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. And would this be a fairly easy project? Looking to do a SoG perpetual Grow - about 10-15 plants at harvest, thanks!
  2. its not gonna be cheap, your talkin like 2400w of lights, pumps. nutes, media, containers,, and a space largenough to safely do it. ventilation and oder control.. drying area...

    lots to plan. its never easy starting froms cratch ;)

    or you can buy a premade set up, costs more though. look through a few threads. there's good examples of grow systems out there (not mine, mind you.. haha)

  3. 2400w of light! eek, how so ?

    Figure 250w MH or HPS for 2 mothers

    Havent figured out about the clone chamber, but using CFL for those-

    600w for the top colas for 10-15 plants -

    Is this Not enough? I mean i might even go ahead and go 1000w For better yield - But im still thinking this out - Not gonna rush into things..

    As for a Ebb and flow system, Sure it might be more expensive to buy a premade, but can it be built easily? and much cheaper?
  4. Also, Im obviously going to have the mothers in the same room ( in there own Chamber ) as my Grow - As for ventilation for my others, would just opening the door to the main room be enough - Assuming the main grow room is ventilated enough -
  5. you said 10 - 15 plants at harvest.. I guess it depends on how you stager your clones, if its every 2 weeks (most efficent, 2weeks gives time for the mothers to recover from being cloned) then you'll have around 130 plants at any given time, assuming you flower and harvest in 8-10 weeks, if you stager every 4 weeks then you'd have 75 or so plants growing at a time (again assuming an 8-10 week harvest).. 600 wats aint gonna cut it for an op like that..

    you dont want to have your mothers in the same room as your flowering room ( you wont hve a veg room for perpetual harvest, just clone/mom room and flower room) you can seperate the space with some panda plastic or what ever.. so it would share the same room,, sharing the same ventilation would take a lil work, but could be done also (need a biggger fan :p)

    there's a few ways to do it, i'm sure you can build your own system cheaper,, but easier? hehe...

    none of this is my idea, i'm just giving you ideas from this grow i read about that looks very well worked out.
    read this thread, its a great perpetual harvest set up. you can scale it down or up, and change the stagger to 4 weeks or w/e..

  6. yea thats what im trying to do, but on a way lower scale, he is doing much more plants than i am, i belive i would be doing HALF of his..he is doing 21-23 well, i prolly shouldnt go as much - Until i get the hang of things -

    So, 10 plants or so could do the trick

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