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  1. I am new to weed and grass city forums all together, so I apologize for any misuse or confusion of slang terms. Me and my buddies have been planning to smoke together for awhile. I am responsible for getting everything ready. My plan is to go hiking and get baked, this will be everybody's first time. I am looking for tips on how to smoke and how to prepare. I will be smoking a joint or two with many friends (sorry don't know the slam or cool term for that) So once we get in the forest and I light the joint what do I do? Like do I just put it in my mouth and draw?

    Also I will read off my list of things I have

    Big pill bottle
    Joint rolling machine
    Mason jar
    Eye drops

    Is there anything else I could possibly need?
  2. lots of water
  3. Bring a pipe, or pre-roll. Don't expect to be able to roll your first time. Better yet, get a pipe.

    Only buy RAW papers, and only get Rohto Cool eye-drops (the one with either red or green cap), Clear Eyes and Visine are bad for your eyes.

    If you use a Dry Pieces Spoons and Sherlocks as this category is called, just keep your finger on the carb (hole on the side), light the surface of the bud, and inhale (not with your mouth, with your lungs), cherry until you have enough smoke, then let off the carb.

    Don't get lost, don't get caught by a park ranger (if this applys to the location), and good luck.


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