what to do after midnight?

Discussion in 'General' started by stevooo123, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. bored and dont know what to do. just slept fot 3 hours so i wont be tired for a few more. dont want to play video games or watch movies. and no im not going to choke the chicken (i know some ones going to say it) so any good ideas
  2. You could always Battle the Cyclops?
  3. You could pet your one-eyed willy.
  4. Instead of fighting mythical creatures just masturbate
  5. I could think of nothing better to do when bored and nobody is around...

    Smoke up, put on a funny-ass movie, get some munchies...
  6. im not goning to butter the corn, or flog the dolpin, or spank the monkey, or stroke the salomi, or exorsise the bishop, or handshake russel the one eyed mussel

    reason im with a my cousin
  7. go tagging
  8. did once, dont really see the fun behind it
  9. Self asphyxiation followed by some spaceghetto are always late night favorites of mine..
  10. i know someone who died by somthing like that....not cool man
  11. Well they were doing it wrong then..
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    no one is going to be able to tell you what to do. how would they know what you think is fun
  13. punch the clown
  14. not criminal activities
  15. Go for a late night drive.
  16. If you have bikes then get super stoned and go on a late night bike ride, if you go into residential areas this late there are hardly any people out and you can just cruise :cool:
  17. tagging? spraypainting?
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    get stoned and watch the fuckin meteor shower!!.;)

    thats what im doin
  19. get a full suspension bike and mob down hills.
  20. Go play whack a mole? Go beat the pad? Go squirt the bottle? umm...go jack the pack? ha go watch friday by rebecca black and see how long u can make it through, listen to nyan cat repetetadly

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