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  1. I dunno... I think I may have already f"ed my 2 seeds. I germed my seeds in paper towel then proceeded to wait 2 days (since seeing the tap root) to put them in " ready-gro" starter cubes... They are both protruding from the cube a little, so I got retarded and kinda " smooshed"
    them in their a little bit. Now i'm crossing my fingers, hoping that little display of idiocy didn't damage the root :(
    Anyhow, should I be putting them under light right now? I have them in 6" net basket with hydroton surrounding the starter cube. no resevoir. I soaked the ready- gro's I just have the pot with a zip bag on top, to retain moisture. One of them popped the seed shell while still in the paper towel, the other hasn't yet and I have both in the dark right now, any advice?
    I germed out of boredom and impulse with out being ready, so if these die it's no biggy... I figure if these survive they'll be a trial run to get my feet wet and help understand the process a bit more before I actually start a real grow. ANy and all help will be gladly accepted and appreciated, thanks GC!
  2. Put them seed's in a real fucking pot. none of this small shit.
  3. When you say "real fucking pot" do you mean like more kick ass?
    Hmmm, maybe something with flames on it...
  4. I don't think that's how you plant a see after germination. I think you need to bury it under some soil. I believe it's either dried out or will be by the time I finish typing. When the root is that young, it's very fragile and it doesn't take much to kill it. I've had germinated seeds turn to paste using too much water and dry into a crisp with not enough water.

    I get that way too. Actually thought about giving my 1st bad rep ever. I think he means a pot with soil, vermiculite and perlite. From the looks of it you were trying a hydro set. Then again the Blackhawks just knock out a Canadian Hockey team for the second year in a row and he might have a rash.

    I really hope you can work something out with them seeds.
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    My train of thought was similar. The moment I stuffed them in the cubes,I was like "f***! I should have went with soil " cause it felt like I was way too rough (tho I was trying to be delicate) Despite much apprehension, they did sprout and seem to be coming along, I dunno...

    Well thanks for not neg repping me! I got what he was saying, I was just being silly. Yea, it was supposed to be a hydro set up, given they survive.

    I bet most people that stopped in here, left shaking their heads but the way I look at it- there's something to be learned in any experience. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.

    Here they are 8 hours after the first pic:[​IMG]

    And again like 12 hours later:[​IMG]

    I have them under 2x 20 w cfl's (5000 k I think) and 1x 14 w (2700 k)
    Basically what was lying around the house :)
    I'm thinking of switching em to a 150 w hps in 2-3 days, if there still around by then.
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    Can anyone give me advice on how much water I should be giving them a day at this stage?

    I soaked the cubes and squeezed maybe 3o% out then germed. Since they sprouted iv'e maybe given em about 3-4 table spoons of water a piece. more or less?
  7. honestly bro. when there that small i just go by instinct, usually like a couple caps filled, and pour it around the sprout.

    im sure someone can give you an exact amount though.
  8. when i did it, i just made sure the cubes were moist and thats it.
  9. Damn... I just checked and the left one was fallen over on it's side.
    I stuck a stem by it and tied a bag tie around the stem, then made a little to go over the sprout so it can support itself.
    My guess: This keg will be tapped by morning :(

  10. Yea, but what is your feeding schedule for them now? Let's say for the next week.
  11. So, before bed last night,I took the make shift brace off the sprout that keeled over (pic:right) and he's back up for now... So yay... If not a bit crooked.[​IMG]

  12. Ha I have more fingers on one hand then I do replies, and some how I missed this.
    Yea thanks man, that's pretty much what iv'e been doing.
  13. your doing good dude. don't stress too much over it.
  14. Looks like you got a bit of stretching, how far away are your cfls? maybe you could move them closer?
  15. You don't squeeze those cubes. Never, ever, ring them out. Just make sure you keep them moist and don't let them dry out
    Get those CFLs closer.

  16. They were around 4-5" away. I did re- adjust them to 1 1/2" right before I took the last pic. I'm wondering if the stretching was not only distance, but also insufficient lighting?
    Right now, I only have about 95 watts on them in total (2x 27 w5000k, 2x 14 w 2700k and some random 15 w fluor) money is a big issue. I won't be able to buy more lights for like a week. I'm thinking of throwing my 150 w hps on them tomorrow and switching it out when I can get 2 more 27 w cfl's, or is the 150 w useless till flowering?
    Thanks for the advice, any more would be greatly appreciated :)

  17. Alright, i'm guessing it squeezes out proper nutients in the cube or something?
    I just moved the cfl's about an 1" and a 1/2" away before that last pic so hopefully that does it, thanks!
  18. i should think that 95w is enough for now, just make sure you got them as close as you can without burning, cfls dont do well at long distances
  19. I think it's been around 10 days since germing and they seem to be kinda puny for going into their second week. Not only that there burning up and I have no clue why...

    I was having trouble getting the ph consistent when they started yellowing, it was anywhere between 6.5 - 8.0 for a few days. I'd say the past 3 days have been a consistent 6.2 - 6.5 no nutes, just water. (maybe I should be starting nutes now?)

    Temperature has been a consistent 80-85 degrees the whole time, the lights are about 2 inches away.

    I don't feel that I could've over watered them, iv'e only been wetting the tops with perhaps 2 tbl spoons of water a day and another 2 on the hydroton surrounding the cube... And that's only to make sure the roots aren't drying out till they hit water...

    Any one got a good guess to what's going on?

  20. Since my last post, iv'e tried to improve conditions by lowering the temperature and nutrient level from the pots.
    I threw 2 more pc fans in there, that lowered Temps to between 76 - 80 degrees...
    Still no nutes just ph adjusted water (ph 6- 6.5) I dropped the water level about an inch or so from the pots. there are maybe 1-2 roots showing out of the bottom of each pot. I'm not sure if I should raise it up a bit...

    They don't seem to be taking any expedient turns for the worse, nor do they seem to be getting any better, I would really appreciate it if anyone can drop a few pearls here...


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