What to do after germination?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shortyottomatix, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Ok guys almost all of my white rhino beans have popped (well atleast they'll of popped by about 8 o'clock (5 hours)). And I wondering what to do with them after germination....

    I'm growing in soil, so I'm thinking about taking some solo cups left over from the kegger, punching some holes in the bottom and vegging under 132 floro watts.

    But should I cover the tops with plastic wrap or something to keep the humitity in or what? What's the next right step?

    Btw I germed them pre-soaking for 24 hours and then paper towel-ing them for about 12.... and so far all of them are showing tap-roots.

    Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appericated?

    Thanks, -Shorty motherfucking Ottomatix
  2. Well what I am doing, is I am taking the seeds, placing em into my popcans/pots then covering them with seran wrap. Then forth I am putting my fluoro's as close as possible and waiting for them to root and grow. When they start to appear, I am going to take the seran wrap off. One week later I am trasnplanting them all into big ass pots. But that's just what I am doing...
  3. you dont need lights for a bit........place into potting mix(no ferts)lightly water with tempid water and leave.... just mist when it pops out the soil..laters jay..
  4. once you see the taproot, gently place the seeds in a minimum 3 gallon pot at approx 1/2"-3/4" into the soil, and gently water..........once it sprouts, add your lights and bingo.........well that's the way i do it, but everyones diffrent...........good luck on the gorw.........Peace out........Sid

    i'm sure you've studided enough to be a competant grower, the info you give is textbook, and strong, so worry not...........keep us all updated
  5. Hey thanks you guys. I'm sorry if my post seemed a little un-educated I was about pissed drunk when I posted that. I typed pretty well for downing about (7) 40 ouncer's too. lol

    But thanks a lot, I've only grown bagseed before (for a few weeks, but I had to pull due to... um unexpected attention from a source that I needed no attention from). And I wasn't too worried about if they sprouted or not.

    I was just wondering about jiffy pellets or light or whatnot... But I think I'll just go ahead and drop them about 3/4" into a big ass 10" pot. I believe 10 inch pots are 3 gallons somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm going to head to wal-mart here and a minute a try to find some soil with no added nutrients.... Probally about the cheapest stuff I can find. (Perhaps wal-mart brand, if they have one)......

    I'm basically going to start flowering at about 8" and keep theese plants real short. After sexing them. I'm going to build a little aerocloner. And then I'll take cuttings and throw them in the aerocloner.

    After the by the time they're about ready to hop out of the cloner (which I'll probally use cfls to light, by the way) then I hope to have 2 ebb and flow tables. Each table is about 3'x2' so, if I put both togther I'll have a 3'x4' area which gives my 600 a perfect 50 watts per sqaure foot.

    Wish me luck on this because this is definately going to be my learning experience. :D After this grow, then I'll be able to answer questions better and be a better resource to my home here at g.c.

    (I'm also going to get some shrooms growing too. I'm going to build a "poor man's hydro pod" and use the basic pf jar tek..... I can't wait for thoose to be ready).

    Alright well thanks guys, and I'll let you know how things go.

    P.S. Sid- Dude just the fact that you awknowledge me is enough of a compliment. I learned almost everything that I know from your grow guide and from hanging around here at gc......

    What you said really meant a lot to me. I really look up to a lot of you grower's. You, naughty dread, gr0wer, unoit, and stylez1877 are some of my growing role models..... I've probally learned more from you all and this website than I learned at my brief stay at college, high school, and the jailhouse (although I did learn a lot there). So thanks. :D
  6. 1.)
    I've heard that pot sizes go like this.... please somebody tell me if this is right.

    6" - 1 Gallon
    10" - 3 Gallon
    12" - 5 Gallon

    Is there any truth to that? Where I buy pots, they don't have the gallon measurement on them. (Damn the man.) And if that is true, is that US or UK gallons. I know that the kingdom and the states have different gallon measurements.

    Where the fuck is THUG? Does anybody know him off the boards? I wonder if he got busted.... last I remember seeing him, he was setting up thoose growell grow tents. And then he vanished...... I miss his sarcastic ass. :D

    Does grasscity plan to/will they ever sell seeds to the u s of a? I totally understand the legally aspect behind not doing it, I'm just wondering if they ever have any plans on shipping seeds over...... I've been looking through the seed shop and there's good prices and a good selection, and I'd love to be able to support gc more..... Just wondering.
  7. I got all 10 (that's right 10/10 germination ration... thank you nirvana) seeds germinated. They had about 1/8" to 1/4" taproots when I planted them.

    They went into 8" pots. Anywhere from about 1/4" to about 3/4" down into the soil.

    I picked up 40 pounds of "all purpose potting soil" and 2 big bags of vermiculite AND 2 big bags of perlite at lowes. Guess how much that set my back.... Less than 16 bucks. Can you believe that. 20 pounds of potting soil for 1.88 and the bags of perlite/vermiculite were only 2 dollars and 30 something a piece. What a steal. :D

    The pots are sitting in the middle of my spare room and they're exposed to a little incadscent light, so not total darkness.... but with any luck all 10 will break through the soil in a few days.

    I'll use the verm and perl for my shroom room coming up soon. I just can't wait you guys.... I need to buy a digi cam and start a grow journal... just might do that.

    :D I love grasscity, pot, alcohol, tripping, and growing. :D
  8. HIGH All, yes the waiting game...who says growing marijuana is exspensive! Nothing wrong with mixing some of your vermiculite & perlite with your potting soil..it will help with drainage. Your on your way Shorty motherfucking Ottomatix.

    Uno what my friend...that's two of us that love grasscity, pot, alcohol, tripping, and growing.

  9. count me in....three of us.....

  10. ive been thinking the same thing....try a pm........

    you sure theres a difference in us gallons and uk gallons???
  11. Yeah I'm almost postive there's a difference between us and uk gallons. I think a uk gallon is a certain number of liters, where as the us gallon is a measurement of pints, quarts, or ounces and all that shit...... I swear everybody should just go metric, I live in like the only country that isn't.
  12. Shorty, what ya got for prints? im starting up dammit, all this shroom talk is driving me crazy! ive got about 50 prints and all the materials and no 1/2 pint jars! its been almost a year since ive grown, but im ready to step up. let me know when you get started, youve seen grO's latest on his EB's? he's gotta pretty sick casing of creeper going on
  13. 5 ltrs = 1 gallon uk(i think) .......i agree we should be all the same
  14. ND.... I'm not even sure what I'll be growing yet. gr0 is hooking me up with a syringe or two, and I'll be happy with what he gives me. I think he might give me some creeper and an easier strain, but I'm not to sure.

    I can't wait for shrooms either.

    Nobody knows about the pot sizes? Like inch to gallon ratio? I did a search and found nothing....
  15. sorry M.I.A. for this thread for a bit.........yeah i can vouch for the 10" being 3 gallon and 12" being 5 gallon and 10" being 3 gallon, but that must be in US gallons, because if my 3 gallon pots are meant to hold 15 litres, then there's no chance of that........lol.........well i'm gonna go find out for sure, some tape over the holes, and a 2 litre bottle of water to fill it up...........tell ya's later on what i come up with.........Peace out..........Sid
  16. Cool thanks sid....

    I think I'm going to lightly water the babies in just a bit (perhaps just mist them a little) they haven't broken the soil yet and I'm worried that they didn't get enough water yesterday. It's bone dry about 1" down into the soil.
  17. have you got lights on them?....laters..jay.
  18. Sun light is about all. I mean there's light in the room that they're in (incandescent and what have you.)

    I can blast them out under my 600 mh, or I could put a couple cfls around then, or some 4' long cool whites, or let them have the sunlight.

    I figured the sunlight would be about the best. Don't ya think?
  19. yeh man....putting on your lights now is a waste of time,money and it will only dry out the soil....laters jay...

  20. 1 us gall=3.78ltrs
    1 uk gall=4.55ltrs

    it rang a bell so i did a search.......and i agree with the metric thing .....laters jay..good luck dude....

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