What to do after germination? Light/no light?

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  1. Good day!

    When do you subdue germinated cannabis seeds in light?

    I have just germinated some seeds with the roots popping out already.

    I will be planting these in organic soil about 1/4-1/2 inches deep in a small container. (Possibly starter pots or a smaller plastic cup)

    I have a DIY Humidity dome. Should I put the planted seeds in here first before my grow box?

    Or do I plant these seeds straight in the growbox and subdue them to light and start veg already?

    Or do I wait for the green stem to sprout out the seed before I do anything?

    Thanks guys!!
  2. I generally work with clones...which get taken, dipped in Clonex and put into antibacterial "Rapid Rooter" cubes. I finish them out with some clonex solution for about 7 days using only a spray bottle and I lose very few. But with seeds and germination, as soon as they pop, they got about 1/2" deep in good formulated grow soil into Solo cups. You want to confine the root space as you bring the plant up in size. By confining the root space and not going from a 1 gallon pot to a 5 gallon pot, your soil will feed your plants for you a you pot them up and your plants will require little to no nutes. We generally don't start nutes here till a couple of weeks before going into flower...because they've been repotted a few times into fresh soil along the way. Nutes are meant to be started once the plants have used up what came in the soil. If you're using box store soil, you'll need to add about 40% perlite to it. If you're using genuine good grow soil, it's fine the way it is. But Mine go straight under a T5 veg light....it's 4 bulb, 4 ft. long. I start them on the floor...way down below the lights for a day or two, and then I bringt them up a lot closer to the lights. The first thing they'll do is make a root system. Until that's done, the foliage won't grow much and the plant won't use water. When it starts to drink and the foliage starts to grow again, you'll know it's formed it's root system. When the plant is larger than the container it's growing in, wider and taller, that usually means it is slightly root bound and can be transplanted up a size. You need soil with excellent drainage cause these plants don't like their roots sitting in wet conditions. Let them dry out almost completely before you give more water and pH your water or feed to a range of 6.3 to 6.7. Good luck! TWW
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