what to do after a T break?

Discussion in 'General' started by Grainofspace, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. so I went on vacation in europe to see family and haven't had the time or chance to smoke up. its 2 weeks and i get back in 3 days. what should i do when i get stoned to the bone back home? hey that rhymes
  2. When you get back smoke a fat gram bowl to the face then have a few beers and watch a film
  3. yea i was thinking about watching inglorious bastards or borat comes to america agian lmao great movies
  4. IMO, I would refrain from smoking large amounts of pot in a single sitting after your tolerance break.

    Not because you'll get too high or anything like that.

    But because you'll piss away your 2 weeks worth of tolerance break immediately. These days I only take 3-4 day tolerance breaks because for me they have the same effect as longer breaks. Plus even when I genuinely try to maintain a low tolerance, it builds back up really quickly anyway and I don't have the patience to lose 2 weeks of toking time.

    The best way I've found of maintaining a low tolerance or at least slowing down the speed at which it build is smoking 1 or 2 small hits off of my favorite piece every 20-30 minutes or so. I stay high af all day long. Give it a shot. You can always take a gram to the dome later if you don't like this process.

    Happy smoking. :weed-4:
  5. ya i know what you mean by small T breaks, i make sure usually that i dont smoke at least 2 days a week for that reason
  6. shmoke big weed bro,,, why is this even a question??? uok
  7. gotta get that keif man, through the bong. gotta make that onset strong enough that you lose some of your time in life.
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