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    I have a job fair coming up and I am an English major and I want to get into marketing/advertising. I've had 2 internships doing this. The only problem is the only job that I saw referring to this was a PR internship. I graduate in December and I am really concerned since the other openings these corporations have is something I wasn't really interested in ex. salesman, managers, finance, accounting, chemist, policemen. My school also has a database where alumni can look for jobs. What should I do?
    Here's some info on the 2 internships I had:
    1) A non-profit for domestic violence awareness and assistance for going to shelters... but they currently don't have any job openings.
    2) A local sip and paint business (drink wine/beer and paint). I did marketing and other tasks for this company. Unfortunately, they downsized and got rid of one of their stores and now to replace that store, it's mobile. The lady that was my boss during that time has left there and started her own PR firm last year and said I could possibly work with her. I asked to see if she could possibly pay me to be an intern again this semester before I graduate and couldn't do it since she doesn't have an office. When I tried to contact her the last time with phone calls, she didn't respond, but sent a text instead. So instead of going through all of that again, I just sent her a text asking if it was possible that I could still work with her and that was 3 days ago. No response still.

    I am just really feeling in limbo and kind of uneasy of my options at the moment. Obviously, my goal is to have a job where I am interested in because I did not have a back up plan of what else I wanted to do. If this doesn't work out, I would really be sol b/c I have no idea what else I can do with what I have.
  2. Finding a job is a pain in the ass, that's why I want to start my own business. And so I don't gotta put up with asshats bossing me around all day. Sorry I know this doesn't help with your question, just felt like ranting. Good luck with your job search, hope you can land a job you enjoy doing, I haven't had any luck with that so far.
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    What were you interested in doing job wise? I understand your struggle. The bad thing is that the majority of businesses that start up usually fail which is unnerving. I even have ideas for my own business, but it's a daunting thing to do.
  4. I'm really into fitness and nutrition, so I've often thought of becoming a personal trainer and maybe eventually starting a gym. It's just hard for me to follow this path because I don't live in a big city so its going to be hard for me to find clients to train. I'm the type of person that doesn't like being bossed around I like to do my own thing, so that's why I really want to run a business of my own. What kind of business were you thinking about starting?
  5. A retail store where all cultures/a lot are represented. Someone already opened a store like that in my city and it was so cool. It was the longest I stayed in a store like that haha at least 30 min. looking around. it was fun.
  6. That sounds like a good idea for a store, I've never seen any place like that around where in from.
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    Yea, it was really cool. I was thinking about it before I actually saw that this store was there and there was a lot of people in there. However, they mostly had hipster clothes but their actual objects like drums and such reminded me of Africa, Swords looked Asian, Masks reminded me of Louisiana, Edible insects reminded me of countries of the East,  Asian soup/rice bowls, Hookahs, Buddhist necklaces, Various hats. Day of the dead stuff such as skulls and zombie books reminds me of Mexico.
    I think it would be cool if clothes inspired from different cultures were represented too. Not like costumes but it might be kind of iffy there if you know what I mean. It would be very interesting. I wouldn't do it anytime soon anyway since it's way too risky to do so since many businesses come and go. That's the scary thing about it.
  8. Ya that's the chance ya take when starting a business. You get to run things your way but its also all on you whether or not the business makes it. I'm sure it would be pretty damn stressful at times running a business, especially if you weren't turning a profit. I think it would be worth the risk though, getting to do something you enjoy everyday would be awesome.

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