What to do about this girl (Long story)

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  1. Alright so there was this girl I met in one of my high school classes my junior year and we became friends but nothing more. I got fired from my summer job and needed another one so she hooked me up with the place she worked at my senior year of high school and we became better friends and she started having feelings towards me as the year went on, but I felt none towards her. Prom time came and I took a different girl that I actually had feelings towards and got one of my friends to go with her because he really needed a date. Anyways that same girl that had feelings towards me has had different boy friends for long periods of time and when I came back last christmas break from college I told her I finally had feelings towards her (Which I did). She had a BF at the time but they had been fighting alot and breaking up (You know that whole high school drama crap) and getting back together.

    Well she told me that she still liked me and that she would leave her boyfriend for me, but I didn't want to have a long distance relationship while I was at college (Shes a year younger then me, Im a freshman in college and shes a senior in HS). She was fine with it and said that we could start the relationship up when I came back for the summer so i agreed.

    Well now she has gotten back together with one of her ex boyfriends (the whole time I've been talking to her she told me that she wasn't talking to anyone and that she wouldnt have a BF and would wait for me for the summer). I was told by one of my friends about that, and she hasn't said anything to me for a about a week now and I know the second I say something to her she will either deny having a boyfriend or she will say she still has feelings towards me. She even applied at the same college that Im going to right now so Im really confused towards the whole situation.... :confused:

    If you like somebody you dont date other people, am I right? I guess shes just trying to make me jealous but Im not sure what to do. Should I say something to her or just wait until she says something to me and go off on her? (By the way this girl has a history of being the slutty type but has *liked* me for over a year)
  2. So the girl you like is a senior in high school, and now shes a slut?
  3. did u both agree not to see anyone? i dont get why u dnt want her with anyone but u dont want to be with her while u are away at college
  4. Well shes been a slut from what I can remember.. like she has cheated on like all her b/fs which makes me not want to date her haha which is why I dont want to have a long distance relationship with her as well.
  5. Man move one you dont want a girl like that.
  6. just put it in her pooper once or twice
  7. don't get suckered into the "she won't cheat on me" game

    dump and run before you get sucked in too deep

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  8. straight up the best advice so far. + rep fo keepin it real.

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