What to do about reducing noise?

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  1. I am curious what people are doing to help reduce or deaden fan noise? I realize you really can't silence a fan, but what about deadening the vibrations of grow box walls due to wall mounted fans?

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    Hang them with Bungee cord. Use anti-vibe mounts.

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  3. ^^^

    You could also get 1" foam duct board and line the inside with that it's usually silver so that would also help reflect light but it is an insulation so could also increase heat build up inside
  4. Thanks for the ideas, I will have to look into those. I actually got new fans today though that are pretty much silent so we'll see if I still need anything at all.
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    try putting pillows around it and held with bungies cords to get an idea of the deafening. Can you get small rubber blocks and place them between the wall and the wallscrews as well as any of the body or brackets. they should have thin sheets at home Deopt just for this. Even rubber washers.

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