What to do about friends?

Discussion in 'General' started by Caution43449, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So iv been friends with this guy S. Normally we use to kick it as his place and smoke or drink almost everynight and hung out on the weekends together. Always hung out in school joking and just bs'ing alot. We both we're at my buddies C's B-day party and i ened up having a seizure that night.

    But after that he hasnt really answered my txts or returned my calls or wanted to hang out n what ever else. Iv asked him a couple times if we're still cool and he says ya, but still no real answering back or kickin it like we use to.

    Thing is me and him are supposed to be room mates this summer when we both move away for school together. My question is should i try to hang out with him, like go up to his place and smoke with him or should i say fuck it and just wait till school starts in july?
  2. If he dont wanna chill just stop txting him and shit...if he is really your homeboy he'll call you up after realising that you guys and chilled in a minute.
  3. He's probably trippin that he can't handle something like that if you two are living together. I'm sure he's still cool with you, man. I'd be trippin too if someone's life could potentially be in my hands.

  4. It isnt cause i have "random" seizures. I had one that night from too much tramadol. It was the first seizure iv ever had.
  5. Hmm. Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much, man. Some people just like to chill alone from time to time. If you're worried if he's still down to live with you... ask him. Then atake some alone time as well, or kick it with another friend. he'll come around.
  6. Just explain to him what happened and leave it at that. If you drag it on any longer than that you run the risk of making him even more uncomfortable.

    Just take it easy and hopefully he wont make a big deal out of it if you dont.
  7. If he's fo real he'll call or text.

    Keep in mind true friends don't come around too often.

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