What to clean dwc buckets out with?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Merkidge69, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. So im doing my third grow and i keep getting white salty looking water.. not sure if its from the stones or whatever? So im wondering how to solve the problem. Ordered some new air stones, anything i can use to rinse the buckets? Will clean roots aswell, any ideas what this could be? Water looks cloudy white only changed the water 2 hours ago.

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  2. Clean EVERYTHING with h202 mixed with water. Buckets air stone lid even the hose from your pump to your stone.
    Rinse your clay pebbles in a h202 + h20 mix and then again with just water.
    That should sterilize everything. You should be doing this weekly with Rez change.

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  3. I clean my DWC stuff with water and elbow grease.

    Once in a while between grows I'll clean something with bleach water but hardly ever.

    There's two approaches to DWC. Sterilize everything and run a sterile res or run beneficial microbes and enzymes and allow those to overpower bad growth.

    I personally use the beneficial microbes and enzymes approach. I haven't had a single significant problem in my root zone since I've been running hydrogaurd, GH rapid start, AN piranha, and hygrozyme.

    I believe a plant's roots and the plants in general will grow more healthy with a less sterile approach just like your digestive/immune system.
  4. My theories seem to be paying off. I have the largest roots in a bucket I've ever seen. I'd like to see a rival post something similar. These things are blowing my mind. This pic was like a week ago. They are larger now and creeping up to the rim. Not quite 3 weeks in flower in this pic with an 8 week veg.
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  5. That’s awesome tbone. I bet you have extremely clean habits.
    Just cleaning with h2o2 will not hurt your microb life

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    Hi how are you no it’s how hi are you
  6. I do a once a week water change and I use rainwater to grow with. I don't let a leaf rest on the floor of the tent if I see it. You could probably eat dinner on the floor. I've gotten more ocd about keeping a clean room after getting spider mites from a strange clone last summer.

    I'm too lazy to put more effort forth and do more then I currently am. No reason for me to sterilize if no sterilizing is working.
  7. You’re extremely clean habits is part of a sterile environment maybe not in your buckets but in general. It’s awesome to hear someone who is that clean. I know I’m not. Lol.

    Hi how are you no it’s how hi are you
    Hi how are you no it’s how hi are you

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